Locksmith in Chicago

What is a Locksmith?

A locksmith works with locks and keys and can do just about everything with them. They can fix broken locks, replace keys, and break locks so that you can get into your home and be safe. To find out more about what a locksmith does, see here. These people are professionals in keeping you safe by keeping your locks and keys working properly. 

A locksmith also works on other locks, like your car, safes, windows and anywhere a lock may be. They use special tools to open broken locks, fix those locks and find ways to let you back into the space with the broken lock. They also use special machines to cut keys to fit locks and help you out. 

What Exactly Does a Locksmith Do?

A locksmith will install and repair door hardware, including locks and the hardware to make them work correctly. They work with electronic and pneumatic locks, doors, frames, and complete door hardware packages. 

Locksmiths also use general skills to repair old door hardware, commercial door hardware, and high security vaults and safes. They will install general door hardware, home and auto entries, and key and lock repair. They fix slot machine locks and install card-entry locks to make sure that they all work properly. 

Locksmiths work with computers to do inventory of their supplies, use key-cutting machines to make keys, use hand tools, unlock cars and residences, and install alarms. They use hand tools to drill through locks that are broken or damaged. They provide their customers with lock-picking in emergency and non-emergency instances and replace lock combinations and keys.

What to Look for When Choosing a Locksmith in Chicago

There are seven steps to finding a good locksmith, and they are listed below. There is a locksmith in Chicago area that can fit your needs. Just follow the steps to find the right one for you. 

1. Know what services you need and be clear about them.

You need to know what services you need and be able to be clear about your needs when you call your locksmith. Common things that people ask for are installing locks in a residential or commercial building, rekeying, or changing locks, repairing locks, making duplicate keys, replacing electronic access cards and key fobs, installing high security commercial locks, fixing parts of keyless, biometric or access control systems, and responding to emergency lock outs. 

2. Find out who can provide the service that you need

Get a list of nearby locksmiths, checking to see which ones fit your needs. Some locksmiths specialize in residential, some in commercial, and some specialize in emergencies. Some locksmiths do it all. Find the one that fits your needs the best and call them to set up an appointment or come for an emergency.

3. Find out which locksmiths are covered by your insurance

Your homeowners, car, or business insurance might cover the cost of calling out a locksmith. If they do not cover the cost, they might have a list of locksmiths that provide the services you need at a discount. If your insurance does cover the service, make sure that the locksmith that you choose takes your insurance. 

4. Get an estimate of the cost of the services

Make sure that the locksmith that you choose gives you a written estimate of the services they will provide. If your insurance company provides a discount, make sure that the estimate reflects that discount.

5. Look for credentials

Even though not all places require that locksmiths have a license, it will make you feel better if they have the credentials to back up their work. Locksmiths that are certified by a professional union or something similar, it will make you feel better about their work. This website is a professional locksmith association, look at the website to see what credentials you should ask for: https://www.aloa.org/.  Ask for a business card and make sure the name on the card is the same as the one on the estimate. If your locksmith is legitimate, they will not mind showing their credentials.

6. Pay attention to the documentation

When the locksmith shows up to do the work, ask to see the original estimate. The locksmith will also ask to see your documentation to make sure that you are the homeowner, business owner, or car owner. They will ask basic questions including your names, address, phone number, service requested, and a signature. If they do this, it is the sign of a professional locksmith.

Look for all these things before you pick your locksmith. If you do your homework, you will find a qualified locksmith that will fit your needs.

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