Tips for Choosing Work Boots

Looking for work boots for DIY or construction – here are some tips to ensure you choose a comfortable pair. 

1. Invest In High-Quality Boots

If you are seriously committed to ensuring that your work boots last a long time, you have to invest in a good pair to begin with. You may be worried about going beyond your budget.

However, when you consider how long quality boots can last it will most likely be more cost-effective over the long run to pay for quality boots even if they are more expensive. Visit for the deals and types of boots which you can buy.

Cheap boots will start to fall apart quickly. In the meantime, quality warehouse work boots will have good craftsmanship, be safer and more comfortable, and treat your feet right when you pay for a high-quality pair of boots. Invest in steel toe cap boots for the best protection. 

2. Break In Your Boots 

Anybody who has ever attempted to jump directly into an eight-hour day at work wearing brand new boots can tell you that just results in having sore feet and being angry that you have been let down by your boots. The truth is that boots need at least a couple of days, and ideally a week to break in before they are worn to work. If you skip that stage most likely you will end up giving up on your boots prematurely due to your feet being in a lot of pain. 

Wear your new boots around the house. Start off with 15 minutes, and as the week goes by increase the time. Once you are ready to wear them to work, try starting out just wearing them in the morning, then in the afternoon switch back to your old boots. Heat can cause your feet to swell over the course of the day, so it is worthwhile to do this until your boots are completely broken in and stretched out enough so that your feet can expand. 

3. Apply A Leather Conditioner

When breaking in your new work boots, a leather conditioner should be applied to help soften the boots up. It helps to moisturize the material enough so that it is more flexible, allowing the boots to stretch more easily to the unique shape of your feet. 

4. Waterproof Your Boots 

There is a good chance that you will be wearing your work boots in all types of weather. Water damage will significantly shorten the lifespan of leather work boots, so it is an absolute must to apply some type of weatherproofing wax or spray. This type of product helps to create a barrier between your work boots and snow, sleet, and rain, so moisture damage is prevented. 

5. Always Dry Your Boots 

Make sure to always dry your boots out thoroughly after having sweaty feet (which could be any day) or wearing them out in the rain. A boot dryer or shoe tree is a useful accessory to have on hand. Or you can use the old trick of putting newspaper inside the boots to do the job. This helps to minimize the old, damp boot smell and helps to maintain their shape as well.  

You may have heard of people putting their boots in the oven or microwave to dry them out. However, don’t make that mistake. It will do more harm than good and cause the boots to crack and dry out. 

6. Keep The Inside Of Your Boots Clean 

Another thing you can do to keep smelly boot odors under control is to thoroughly clean the inside of the boots. Think of all of the dirt and sweat that can collect inside. You can either use a low pH shampoo or purchase an interior boot cleaner to do the job. 

7. Clean the Outside Of Your Boots

It is impossible for your work boots to stay spotless. However, cleaning them often is definitely worthwhile since it will help them last for much longer. Get a sho brush so that you can brush off the dust and dirt from your boots. Then do a more thorough cleaning every once in a while, including scrubbing down the boots and scrubbing away any stubborn dirt.