How To Choose The Best Mattress For Lower Back Pain?

Wrong mattress selection not only causes or worsens lower back pain but also deprives you of sleep comfort. Lack of proper support can lead to poor sleeping posture, muscle strains, and spine misalignment. 

Any individual with a bad back should get the right mattress to improve sleep quality and posture. Additionally, mattresses promoting correct spinal alignment can prevent back pain from happening in the first place. 

Considering the vast variety of mattresses available, it can be quite tricky to choose the right one. Often, the mattress that looks and feels good in a showroom may not help against the lower back discomfort. 

Choosing the Best Mattress For Lower Back Pain

Generally, doctors recommend a firmer mattress to people with lower back pain. However, a lot goes into choosing the best mattress for back pain including firmness, comfort level, price, and more.


First and foremost, the firmness of the mattress determines the support provided to the back and the body. Most manufacturers rate the mattress’s firmness level from 1-10, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest.

People with lower back pain should get a mattress with 6-7 on the firmness scale to get adequate support and cushioning. The weight of the sleeper also influences the mattress selection.

Heavier sleepers need a firmer mattress whereas lightweight sleepers need a softer mattress. Avoid too soft and too firm mattresses at all costs.

Sleeping Position

The sleeping position has a direct impact on the back pain, creating different sets of pressure points to need the right support.

  • Back Sleepers – Having more pressure points in the lumbar area, Medium-Firm to Firm mattresses would be best for them.
  • Side Sleepers – The perfect choice for side sleepers would be Medium to Medium-Firm Mattresses.
  • Stomach Sleepers – With the most number of pressure points in the neck and lumbar areas, stomach sleepers should get firm mattresses with thin pillows.
  • Combination Sleepers – Any mattress with medium firmness would be the right fit.

Zoned Support 

As the body weight is not distributed evenly when lying down, it causes excess pressure on the mattress leading to sinkage. 

For zoned support systems, memory foam mattresses are the best for preventing excessive sinkage and promoting spine alignment.


Let your personal preference guide you to get the right mattress. Test out new features, check firmness levels, and try different types to get the best mattress for your sleeping habits.

Mattress Type

Several mattress types with various contouring technologies provide the right spine support to relieve lower back pain.

  • Memory Foam – Composed of several foam layers, it promotes great pressure relief and neutral spine alignment. These mattresses come in different firmness levels, so, choose the right type for optimal comfort.
  • Innerspring – Similar to a traditional spring mattress, it has multiple layers to maximize comfort when sleeping. Although they are resistant to sinkage, sometimes, the pocketed coil may press too much pressure against the body.
  • Latex – Bouncy like innerspring, they are not considered a good long-term investment. Moreover, they provide sufficient back support, however, a bit expensive.

Lastly, test a variety of models by going to the showroom and picking the right one. Only a perfect mattress with the right support can help alleviate back pain.

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