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The development of sleep technology and science has given rise to many options when choosing the right mattress, with various features to suit our sleeping requirements. Among the choices, deciding between memory foam or spring mattresses tends to be the most important . This is because the majority of mattresses in the market broadly fit into these two categories. 

While the debate between memory foam and spring mattresses is still ongoing, foam mattresses are becoming the most preferred option among avid sleepers, chiropractors, and somnologists. Here are 4 reasons why you should consider opting for memory foam over a spring mattress. 

Even Support

Memory foam mattresses conform to your body and support your body’s natural shape by evenly distributing your body weight. These mattresses also support the spine’s natural curvature, thereby keeping it in the right alignment, promoting a healthy sleeping position with minimal discomfort. 

Spring mattresses are designed to match the amount of pressure your body applies to the mattress. As your body does not exert the same pressure evenly across the bed, certain body parts like the chest, hip, and head which apply more pressure on the mattress will receive a lot of pressure in return. This creates uneven support to your body while sleeping, which is unhealthy and uncomfortable. 

Exceptional Movement Absorbency 

Memory foam mattresses have exceptional movement absorbency. This is where, if you’re sharing a bed with someone, especially a restless sleeper who tosses and turns often, memory foam will be able to absorb these movements. So you will not feel the transfer of movements to your side of the bed, when your bed partner moves. As a result, this feature leaves your sleep undisturbed. 

In contrast , as a spring mattress is densely connected to the metal coil layer which transfers motions, it cannot absorb bed movements or isolate the transfer of these movements. So a spring mattress will bounce  with any movements on the bed, and make you move along whenever your partner does.

Provides Pain and Pressure Relief 

When a mattress is too firm it can exert pressure on your body and lead to misalignment. Whereas, if your bed is too soft, it can allow your body to sink into the bed resulting in a bad sleeping posture. So a healthy mattress should always be able to mold to your body’s natural shape. 

Memory foam mattresses are known for their viscoelastic nature that allows them to adapt to your body’s natural curves and target pressure points such as the neck, spine, and shoulders precisely. And so,  a memory foam mattress can provide pain and pressure relief to all your major pressure points, while offering a more personalized comfort with a night of restful sleep. This is one of the key reasons why memory foam mattresses are recommended by chiropractors and somnologists. 

However, since spring mattresses do not provide uniform body support or correct spine alignment , they can cause damage to pressure points or even aggravate already existing pain.

High Durability 

Foam mattresses have a dense structure with less coils, which reduces the risk of sagging when compared to a spring mattress. This increases the durability and long-lasting nature of foam mattresses over a spring. 

On the other hand, after extended use a spring mattress, can lose its tensile strength and become more prone to poking and sagging. This can create inferior support and a more uneven mattress surface than a spring mattress originally has. As such, all these effects reduce the life-span of a spring mattress, making it less durable when compared to a foam. . 

While buying a mattress presents choices nowadays, a foam mattress with its high durability, added with other health and comfort features, undoubtedly retains the spotlight for a worthwhile investment. 

If you’re looking to make a shift to a memory foam mattress, Magniflex can offer you the ideal options to choose from. Featuring only spring-free mattresses, we have a distinctive mattress collection with different value-adding features to meet the most precise needs of every sleeper. All our products are ergonomically designed and certified to the highest quality, health, and environmental standards to provide customers with a truly premium sleeping experience.

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Jhanzaib Akhter
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