Using Vitamin C and Retinol In Your Daily Skincare Routine


Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A. It helps in cellular turnover. It is the biotic development. In this process, our bodies’ old skin shells are removed and new cells are generated. Then, these deceased skin cells are replaced with new, stronger, and more radiant ones.

Retinol serum is available in two forms: chemical and natural. Natural Retinol is ideal for those who try not to use artificial products and want to avoid the irritation that synthetic Retinol causes. Retinol made in a lab has been linked to skin purging, and inflammation.

Superficial skin cells face different environmental factors. They face contamination, dirt, waste, and grime on a daily basis. They all make our skin dull and unsightly. According to research, air pollution causes a number of skin problems. These problems include inflammation, rash, skin sagging, pimples, and scabies.

This is a fundamental procedure in which weak skin cells are removed and new skin cells are created. This makes our skin fresh and rejuvenated. 


L-ascorbic acid is the molecular name for vitamin C. Its duty is to deactivate free radicals, which are unbalanced molecules that are harmful for both skin cells and the entire body. Free radicals have been related to cancer, diabetes, vision difficulties, and a range of other dangerous ailments. Because free radicals do not have enough electrons, they are intrinsically unstable. It is important that these electrons are connected properly to perform their tasks effectively. The unbalanced molecule outbreaks and seeks help from a steady molecule by taking away its electron. This can destroy a steady molecule and it can become an unstable one. In this process, electrons are interchanged. 

We have to neutralize the free radicals within moments to stop them to start any reaction. Vitamin C can provide these absent electrons to free radicals to neutralize them. It’s also a good idea to combine niacinamide and vitamin C which acts as a shield for the best skin radiance. 

The most frequent revivifying constituent in makeups is vitamin C serum. Niacinamide and vitamin C can and should be used together. Vitamin C can reduce hyperpigmentation, enhance complexion, and remove wrinkles. All of these factors are essential to give you a rejuvenated look.


Vitamin C and Retinol perform exceedingly well collectively. It is considered that Retinol and Vitamin C are result oriented in slowing both natural and photoaging. Tretinoin vs retinol is an important difference because retinol can be plant-based and non-chemical while tretinoin can’t. 

Vitamin C helps Retinol and makes it additional operative by stabilizing it. Both components prevent from early signs of aging and destructive ecological issues. 

Humna Chaudhary
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