Things to keep in mind before hiring a cleaning service

Finding a good and reliable house cleaning service is a bit challenging, especially for those who haven’t utilized this facility before. As it is, if any stranger enters your house it is unnerving, leave aside allowing a new face to access every corner of your home.

That said, having someone to clean your house is not a luxury anymore, in fact it is a necessity. Living in a clean home is money well spent. So stop messing around and find out how to hire a house cleaner who will keep your home near, clean and above all, secure.

Decide on the type of service you want

The first step is to consider hiring an individual or a professional cleaning team. While an individual can work on your terms and do additional tasks like child care or walking the dog, a professional company will ensure everything from screening employees to cleaning up the home, albeit at a higher cost. Surveys however are of the opinion that house owners are more satisfied with individuals than cleaning companies. Once you know this, you can check out reputed sites like to ensure you get trusted help. 

Evaluate your needs beforehand

You may have hired a house cleaner before, but it is always a good idea to re-evaluate your requirements from time to time. There may be some spaces that may require just a bit of dusting or some which may need a full-blown cleaning overhaul. Anything your previous cleaner did not do well and is now worth mentioning? Write everything down so that you don’t forget it. Further, define your scope whether you are looking for a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly service.

Get recommendations

Personal references are the best way to evaluate an employee’s potential. Your best resources could be friends, co-workers or neighbors. You can also make use of social media by posting requests on Facebook or Nextdoor asking if any reliable house cleaner would be willing to take on another client.

Schedule an interview

Whether you choose an individual or a service provider, you need to have a frank face-to-face conversation. Make a note of the services they provide and those which are optional. Do a complete recce of the whole house, pointing out the problem areas and discuss the issues you had with earlier house cleaners. Finally, interview more than one potential service.

Pricing should be explicit 

No matter which mode of home cleaning you opt for, make sure that there are no hidden charges. If you are hiring an individual, then check if all taxes and social securities are paid. The tax implications can be great, so ask your accountant to fully explain the ramifications of hiring an individual house cleaner.

Ensure that legal requirements are met

You have to make sure if the people you are hiring are trustworthy. Afterall you are allowing a person you probably have never seen before into every nook and corner of your private space. To avoid being exposed to any risks, make sure you only hire a cleaner who is licensed and fully insured. You need protection from breakage and damages or any injury inside your home for which you should not be held responsible.

Humna Chaudhary
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