9 Reasons To Move to Green Bay

If you are relocating to Wisconsin, congratulations! Without a doubt, this beautiful upper midwestern state has a lot to offer. This is particularly true if you are someone who has been considering one of the many Green Bay houses sales. As one of the most interesting parts of the state, the city of Green Bay has a lot to offer.

Regardless of your personal interests, there is bound to be something in Green Bay that will capture your heart and make the place feel like home. Whether you are a nature lover, sports fan, history buff or artist, this urban land of the Badger state has a lot to offer. 

1. The Botanical Garden

For those who love being outside, then the Green Bay Botanical Garden has a lot to offer. Easily accessible from the heart of the city, this giant garden offers a beautiful escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. 

2. The Packers Hall of Fame

Calling all sports lovers! If you are a particular fan of Green Bay’s Packers, then there is no better reason to want to relocate here. Home to this well-loved team as well as the awesome Packers Hall of Fame, the city’s connection to sports is another solid win.

3. The Wildlife Sanctuary

Another great option for outdoor enthusiasts is the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary. With an abundance of nature and wildlife, this breathtaking sanctuary also has a three-story Nature Education Center that offers numerous educational resources for learning about local wildlife.

4. The Public Museum

If you have interests in a little bit of everything and you are just generally a curious lover of knowledge, then the Neville Public Museum is another reason to love Green Bay. With a wide variety of city-connected exhibits to admire, this public museum is a fantastic resource for community members. 

5. The Railroad Museum 

No mode of transportation has had an impact on the United States like the train. For an interesting look at Green Bay’s unique railroad history, look no further than the fantastic National Railroad Museum. With over 70 vintage engines to observe, this resource is a true treasure for the city.

6. The Surrounding Landscape 

Although Green Bay is undoubtedly an amazing city, the surrounding landscape outside of the urban sprawl is also quite impressive. With giant green trees in the summertime and clear, cool water in abundant lakes and rivers, there are many opportunities for hiking, camping, kayaking or other types of outdoor adventuring.

7. The Historic Theatre

For those who can appreciate art or history, The Meyer Theatre District is a beautiful and historical feature of the city that is great for checking out modern shows while observing the very old architecture. While you are watching your favorite performers, imagine all of the previous guests who watched theirs before you in the same location.

8. The First House To Have Electricity 

If you need a little more history in this interesting city, then look no further than the Hearthstone Historic House. In addition to offering an attractive old Victoria style that is interesting in itself, this home is also the first one in the world that Thomas Edison ever wired with his original electricity circuit. 

9. The Waterfalls

Another natural wonder of a reason to adore the area has less to do with great lakes and more to do with impressive waterfalls. In particular, the Wequiock Falls that are off Highway I-43 in a hidden-away spot are especially captivating. For yet another reason to love and relocate to Green Bay, this is it. 

At the end of the day, there are unlimited reasons to move to the incredible city of Green Bay. All that remains is finding a way here.