Did you just get a new house and you are eager to furnish it or do you have pictures of luxury dining room chairs and couches in your head, but you don’t know how to put it all together? You can purchase a set of furniture to make things easier for you. Also, you can choose Sofa Bed that looks very luxurious to your house.

But for some of us interested in designing an eclectic space with a unique personality, including beautiful pieces from various designs and eras, there is a technique to having that harmonious eclectic look. This technique integrates a decorating concept with unifying elements.

1. Using Color

If you are having problems matching your furniture pieces, you can use the color scheme arrangements. Color gives you the option to achieve continuity in a space with different furniture styles. For instance, if you own a room with mismatched pieces, consider repainting them in one color. This is known as the monochromatic concept. The rationale behind the famous Shabby Chic furnishing style is a monochromatic concept of white furniture and wall.

You can use complementary colors on furniture lying opposite each other. This gives you vibrant color combinations. However, if you like multiple colors on your accessories or furniture, try a neutral background, like beige or white trim and walls.

Image Credit: 1825 Interiors

2. Using Patterns

Picking fabrics with contrasting colors and bold patterns is a strategic way of matching pieces of different furniture together. So, furniture that would not match the color wheel concept will match based on vibrant and funky patterns. For instance, you could re-arrange your sofa in a vertical or striped pattern & pick some large floral designs in the same color for the guests’ chairs. You could also select small floral patterns for the throw pillows on the sofa.

I’ll recommend that you pick a rug first before you choose your furnishings. For simplicity, get a rug with the colors you like in your living room. This prevents time-wasting because you could waste lots of time trying to choose the best rugs to unify your green patterned ottoman with your orange couch. So, it’s easier first to get a rug and then select upholstery later to match.

3. Consider the Scale

You can also select pieces with the same visual weight to get balance. For instance, instead of pairing an overstuffed sofa with a skinny-legged table, choose a chunky table that perfectly matches the sofa grid.

The furniture scale should complement the size of the space. If your room is small, it doesn’t make sense to fill it with matching dressers and a big bed because the room will be overcrowded and might not be inviting. Conversely, if your dining room is large, a mini buffet and a table for five will be too small for the room’s vastness.

Apart from the fact that your pieces ought to have the perfect scale sense, they must also function well in the living room.

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