Pampas grass decor

Pampas grass decor gives a tropical feel to a room. It is one of the few types of grasses that can be brought inside and kept alive year round. Reaching up to 10 feet in height, this decor piece has spikes along the stem, giving it a unique look. In the United States they thrive in Florida and California, as well as on the east coast.

If you are looking for different ways to style your home with pampas grass, read on. Below we explore various ways to use this type of grass in your living room, bedroom, or dining room. Also, you can check more decor style here (

How to identify it

Pampas Grass is a long plant with thick, tufted leaves that grow in clusters at the base. The blade-like leaves are green on top and silvery below. The stiff, upright flower shafts may reach ten feet or more in height and are topped with large, fluffy plumes of white or rust-colored flowers.

How to decorate with pampas grass

Place it beside your rustic sofa

Have a gorgeous low back sofa? Place a floor vase with pampas grass next to it. Ensure you go for a colorless vase so it matches the beautiful wood floor and thick carpet.

Pampas vase decor for dining room

To style your splayed high back chairs dining room, we recommend you go for a vase of feathery plant decor. Tall bamboo plant adds a pop of color to this stylish room. Add a boho lamp to complete the look.

Style your end table

Don’t know how to style your peg leg side table? Here is an inspiration for you. Place a large pampas grass bundle in a dark brown vase.

Pampas decor idea for living room

Tall pampas grass adds variety to this setup while the brown vase brings a farmhouse-art touch to this space. This piece is the perfect way to complement a teal living room cabinet.

In the bathroom

Perfect for the minimalist, this simple yet elegant setup will look awesome in your bathroom.

On the kitchen shelf

Small vase decorations offer a pleasant way for us to enjoy stunning designs at an affordable budget. Style your kitchen easily with a small vase of pampas grass.

On the wall

Looking for unique wall decor ideas? Instead of creating the traditional pampas grass wreath, just place two bundles together and an acorn to create an expressive arrangement.


  • Where to buy dried pampas grass?

There are various ways you can get a few bundles of this grass. One, you can grow it in your backyard garden. It takes around two years to reach full maturity and lasts about 15 years. You can prune it at the end of winter.

Two, you can get a few bundles at your local florist. Three, if you live in states where it grows in the wild you can take an afternoon off and gather as much as you need.

Four, you can place an order online in any of the major online retailers.

  • How to fluff pampas grass?

The best way to get a large fluffy arrangement is to gently blow dry the bundles for 3 – 5 minutes. As you do this the plumes will open creating a lovely large arrangement.

  • How long does pampas grass last?

Pampas grass decor is one of the easiest to maintain. Spray it regularly with your hairspray to keep the grass from shedding. 

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