How To Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh And Relaxing

The sense of smell is connected to how a person processes their emotions. This is why a scent takes you to memory more than a sound or visual reminder. As such, selecting an aroma for your home is a crucial decision. You’ll want your family members and guests to have positive memories while staying in your house. 

However, there are instances when the smell of your house can be unpleasant. This happens when you overspray your air to eliminate odors from your pets, carpets, or the bathroom. It’s also common when you cook in the kitchen, and it causes food odors to linger for hours. 

As such, taking appropriate action to make your home smell fresh is essential. This includes checking the air quality indoors to ensure that you don’t have issues with dust or mold spores. You may also try crucial oils by visiting local stores to find the most suitable scent. Or you may search for ‘shop wholesale oils Australia’ to get fantastic deals. 

Now, what are the other ways to freshen up your home? Here are tips for doing so: 

Spritz The Air With Odor Neutralizers 

Odor neutralizers eliminate the chemicals that cause odors and only leave the fresh scent behind. They’re perfect for eliminating bad smells in your home, especially if you have pets or smokers. 

The following are some of the most effective odor-neutralizing products: 

  • Air Fresheners are designed to eliminate odors through chemical reactions with air molecules. They often come in rose, bergamot, chamomile, and vanilla, which freshen up your space. 
  • Essentials Oils are made from natural ingredients like citrus peels, lavender buds, and eucalyptus leaves. They work by eliminating bacteria that cause bad smells without adding more chemicals into your home environment. 
  • Baking Soda and Vinegar is a combination that neutralizes smells and acts as an antibacterial agent. 
  • Lemons are as effective as vinegar as they have acidic properties that eliminate odors. Just rub half of the lemon or directly scrub it on a surface and wipe clean with a cloth or sponge. 
  • Toilet Sprays are great if you need extra help keeping the smell under control in the bathroom. 
  • Refrigerator Deodorizers keep your fridge smelling fresh, especially when masking the smell of leftover food. Just spray some inside and leave overnight to absorb any odors. 

With the help of odor neutralizers, your home stays fragrant as you try to conceal foul odors. This makes your house more welcoming to the guests. 

  • Declutter Your Home 

Using odor-eliminating products may be compelling, but what about the root cause of the smell? You don’t want to depend on spraying your home every day, especially if you’re using many chemicals. The best thing to do is to remove the items that cause them through house decluttering.  

Here are several steps you can take: 

  • Get rid of trash every day to prioritize zero odor. This includes food wrappers and containers that may have food remnants on them.  
  • Wash the sheets regularly so they don’t develop a musty smell from dirt or sweat build-up over time. Also, change the linens at least once a week for a fresh start each day.  
  • Freshen the carpet to get rid of bacteria by vacuuming them at least once a week. 
  • Empty the fridge to eliminate any expired food that may be causing odor. Then, throw out any leftovers to give space for fresh items so they won’t contaminate the new products. 
  • Frequently clean litter boxes so that there won’t be any urine or poop smell coming out of them. Then, change the litter sand every time you clean it. This way, the scent is neutralized completely. 

If your home is cluttered, you can clear out some space by going through everything. Cleaning may not be the most fun activity, and it also takes a while to go through all the smelly stuff. But once you have fewer things around you, keeping things clean and fresh-smelling is easier. 

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  • Keep The Windows Open 

Stale air is usually caused by cooking food or heating systems in your home. But opening windows for a few minutes or in the early mornings helps clear out these smells from your residence. This is because you let those pollutants out of your house, eliminating the stuffiness in the air.  

  • Change The Air Filters  

Dirty air filters make your home smell musty. Aside from that, they also cause dust build-up in your air conditioning system, making you cough. 

So, replace your air filters at least every three months or more often if you have pets or are a smoker. Just look for a professional HVAC technician who can do it for you. 

Summing It Up 

The smell in your household affects the overall mood of its occupants. And if you want your family members and guests to live comfortably in your home, you can’t allow foul odors to take over. So, it’s high time to keep your indoors fragrant. This involves decluttering your space and choosing odor-neutralizers like essential oils and lemons. You can also adopt letting the fresh morning air by opening the windows. Most importantly, replacing your air filters also wonders for indoor air quality, making it feel more refreshing.

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