How To Deep Clean A House Before You Move Out

Imagine you needing to move out of your home to relocate. While this might seem like a jarring change, some would see it as another exciting adventure life throws at you. After all, everyone might need to move out of their comfort zone one day. But before you hop over your next adventure, you have to bring yourself back to the present.

Owning a home means it’s now your responsibility. Regardless of whether you rented it or bought it as private property, you’re responsible for taking care of it for its next occupants. 

Deep cleaning your space is regarded as a necessity before moving out, some individuals would prefer hiring Cleaning Glow SF and other cleaning services to be more thorough. Be that as it may, if you want to proceed with the property deep cleaning yourself, it’s recommended that you know where to start. Continue reading to learn more about the different steps in doing deep cleaning before moving out. 

Collect Your Possessions

Since you’re moving out, be mindful of everything you’re packing away. After all, leaving the property permanently should be enough reason to ensure your belongings are all accounted for. If you’re having a tough time keeping track of everything, make a checklist for you to peruse.

Nevertheless, with you falling behind to clean up the place, make sure you have your cleaning supplies separated from the rest of your belongings. This way, you can use this opportunity to use them all up instead of going to waste by packing them away. 

Now you’ve prepared all of this, you finally got one of your must-do tasks when moving out checked off.

Prepare The Site

Once you have your cleaning supplies lined up, focus on the areas you’re going to clean. These could be rooms, such as:

  • The living area;
  • The kitchen;
  • The bathroom;
  • The bedrooms; and
  • The basement. 

While each of these places is just as important as the other, clean them out one by one. This way, you can keep track of your progress much easier. 

Now, as you’re cleaning one area, make sure to open every window within the vicinity to allow air to circulate. In doing so, it prevents dust from remaining stagnant as you clean. Regardless, don’t forget to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) to prevent dust and other possible health hazards from getting into you and your system. 

Do A Once-Over

If you’ve noticed how dust continues to land on previously cleaned surfaces, try using polish to make them dust-proof. This way, if there’s still dust that failed to leave through the window, you can easily wipe them off since they won’t be sticking to the surface as much as before. But if you want to be completely sure, you could wrap them up in plastic (as well as your packed belongings).

In the end, you must prioritize in this phase to jostle the outermost layer of grime to make it easier to leave the house via the open windows. Further, by doing one sweep through, you can get to any dirt you must’ve missed before if you barely neglect cleaning your home.

Pinpoint The Worst Of The Dirt

With some dust already removed from the picture, what you need to focus on now are those particular stains you used to have a tough time removing before. Since this is your last opportunity to take them on, you must put all of your elbow greases into wiping them clean.

Nonetheless, while chemical solutions can handle these stains, using microfiber cloths is highly recommended for smooth and scratch-sensitive surfaces. This way, you can preserve your items in their present condition while you attempt to get out tougher stains.

Do Another Once-Over

Lastly, once you’re certain you got those stubborn stains removed, give your home another sweep of light cleaning. 

After all, as mentioned earlier, it’s not easy for dust to leave the premises unless you’re diligent in vacuuming all of it earlier on. But since doing that would be far too time-consuming, it’s better to have another repeat of your light cleaning to make sure dust is expelled much more thoroughly.


Moving out always brings out a significant amount of stress, even when you’re excited about it. After all, you need to take every piece of belonging with you and bring it to an entirely different place altogether. Yet while you’re worrying about that, cleaning up the place should be up there among your top priorities. Keep the abovementioned guide in mind to make deep cleaning a manageable and stress-free process as part of your new journey moving forward. 

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