How Much Does It Cost To Replace Your Windows?

Have your windows stopped meeting your needs? Are they outdated and no longer eye-pleasing to you? If yes, you can replace them. Besides replacing your windows due to new conditions and changes in tastes and preferences, you can also do so if they’re damaged or worn down.  

Perhaps one of the things holding you back from this project is the cost. It begs the question, how much does it cost to replace your windows? 

Here are the factors that determine the cost:

The Service Provider You Hire

It’s time to scout the right service provider to replace your windows. They could be the vendor from whom you originally bought your windows or a different contractor or window supplier.

Different contractors charge differently for window replacement services. Your choice affects project costs, and the difference often arises due to the number and quality of services you’ll get and their location. Costs vary based on the following:

  • Scope Of Service – A provider that only installs the windows is much cheaper than one who removes the old ones, delivers a new set, and installs them. 
  • Proximity – The closer a provider is to your location, the cheaper the services. They wouldn’t have to compensate for the money they’d spend on transport if they were located at a distance.

top window replacement tips

While these two factors may rack up the bill, refrain from compromising quality for costs. It’s best to work with an expert, even if they’re pricier. Besides replacing your windows, you’ll learn top window replacement tips and maintenance advice. 

The Chosen Window Type

Windows come in different sizes, shapes, opening mechanisms, and styles. Some windows swing and open outward, others open upwards or downwards, and others slide along the window frame. 

Your chosen window type greatly determines the cost of your project. If the type is easy to install and there’s less expertise needed to install it, the costs will be minimal. With the reverse, expect to pay more. For instance, a single or double-hung window is cheaper to install than sliding or bay windows. A double-hung costs between USD$310 and USD$665 per window, while a bay window costs between USD$900 and USD$7100. 

The style or theme of your window type also affects cost. In most cases, modern window types like aluminum are more expensive than traditional ones due to popular demand.

The Scope Of Work

The scope of work refers to the amount of work a contractor must do to install your windows correctly.   

Your project could only require the removal of the old windows for new installation. In other cases, your previous windows might have been outdated, and there’s a need to customize the new ones to meet the outdated version of your windows. The customization adds to the costs. Also, should there be any repairs, expect higher project costs. The costs will likely increase by approximately USD$500. 

The Chosen Window Frames

Your window frame’s material affects the cost of your project in terms of the cost of acquiring, maintenance needs, and its properties.

Planning to order a window frame with an imported material? Expect to pay more. Locally-sourced materials, on the other hand, are more affordable and accessible.

With maintenance, window frame materials have different needs. Wood requires regular staining and treatment to increase its lifespan. On the other hand, aluminum has minimal maintenance needs. The more there’s to do to ensure the material’s longevity, the higher the costs in the long term.  

Window frame materials have different properties. One example is fiberglass—best known for its weather resistance and energy efficiency, making it expensive to acquire. 

The Risk Involved

Risk refers to your service provider’s exposure to danger on the job. In this case, the question is whether your window replacement project has associated risks. 

If the windows you’re replacing are on the ground level, there’s minimal risk compared to them being on higher floors. There’s a risk of falling from higher floors, which could lead to injuries and fatalities. A contractor willing to take such risk will charge high service fees, adding to your project cost. 


If you’re planning to replace your windows, you must thoroughly plan. One aspect you must figure out is your budget and the costs involved. The discussion above makes planning for finances easier. It gives insight into factors that affect the cost of your project. With this, you know how to plan your project to ensure less expenditure. Engage the services of a reliable service provider in your area to get the best results within your budget range.

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