How to Stain Wood With Paint

Painting wood is not an easy task, and sometimes you do not get the desired results. Painting can be a DIY activity, but it requires some know-how and skills before you set out to paint your favorite wooden piece. 

The reason to paint can vary, but the method will stay the same in all the circumstances. People often do not consider painting a great idea as a polished wooden article looks luxurious and refined. But if there are certain reasons, like your art project, some symbolism, or making the item more attractive, you may think of painting it. For further discussions and knowledge about it, you can read some blogs or visit the painting blog .

Why We Stain The Wood? 

No one wishes to have rough and untidy wooden articles in their home. So, for the sake of beauty, staining the wooden pieces is essential. You can stain the wood with some wooden stains, but you can try acrylic colors as well. Stains not only give a dramatic look to the wooden articles and your furniture, but it will also fulfill the function of protecting the wooden articles. 

Steps for Staining Wood With Paint 

Staining the wood with paint is not a very tough task; you only need a handful of things along with the wooden article, and you can easily stain the piece of wood with paint.  

  • You need brown acrylic paint; make sure that it is a bit dark, and not like the light brown color. Otherwise, the stain will not look nice on the wood piece.
  • Now, you need some wipes, it can be some tissue papers, but using baby wipes or a thick paper can also help. The purpose of using baby wipes is to absorb the excess of acrylic wood. Instead of using a brush, you can use the wipes.  
  • Take some of the acrylic paint on the wipe and wipe it on the wood. Do not rub it, be gentle. It will take some time; otherwise, the look of the article will be destroyed. 
  • If it is a big piece, you may need more than one wipe, or you should fold the single one and use it for staining the entire piece. 
  • You can mix other colors, but make sure that they are also brown or wood shades.
  • Select a direction for wiping the paint all over the article; you cannot do it in a nasty way. 
  • Once you have pasted the paint on the article, it is time to wait until it dries up. 
  • Now you should pick the best sealing wax to lock the stain. 

Staining wood with paint is extremely easy, but you should first know the type of wood you want to stain and the paint. While you buy the paint, read its instructions to understand if it is suitable for woody surfaces or not. It does not matter what color you use, just make sure that it is not stuffed at a single point; you can use some smoothening articles to give an exquisite look to the wood pieces after staining.


Calling upon the carpenter or polisher for staining every tiny and décor wooden piece is not a wise decision. Staining a wooden article is not a complex activity, you only need to get the right paints for it. Read the instructions before using the paint, a few paints are not suitable for staining. Second, the mixing of colors and the way of application also plays a crucial role in this task.

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