How Does Composite Doors Work And Their Benefits

The door is an important part of a home that aims to provide families with greater safety against robbers. However, the right one is hard to find if it is your first time to shop doors. You can read on the rest of this post a complete guide to finally pick your door of choice. 

Define Composite Doors 

Composite doors are an alternative to timber doors in terms of better security. This type of door is made of various materials which guarantee strength to protect families from potential threats, like theft. It is commonly made of insulating foam, GRP, and stronger timber to deliver the best performance. 

Some other brands use a different set of materials, such as PVC and durable frames. It promises lesser vulnerability to bad guys like the opposing composite doors. 

Such minor differences in the materials used depend on the manufacturer’s liking. One thing for sure is, the combined elements are durable and have an extended lifespan of more than 30 years. All you need to do is to put oil on the hinge whenever needed. 

Benefits of Composite Doors 

The most common benefit of a composite door is to add security to your home. It is due to the multiple materials used and other security features. There are a few other advantages of installing a composite door to your house, which include:

  • Can Manage Wear & Tear 

Unlike older front doors, composite doors are hard wearing. The sum of materials can resist any weather condition and strong impacts, like knocks, kicks, and bumps. Its paint color won’t easily fade or peel, unlike wooden doors. It can last a long time through the solidity of the door’s internal and external parts. 

  • Aesthetic Design 

Having a stylish entrance is possible with composite door types. You do not have to sacrifice an appealing door to enjoy better security. There are thousands of door designs to choose from which suit your budget and wants. 

One of the timeless designs of composite doors is the wood-grain effect. It is a combination of quality wood that is beautifully painted bringing in a stunning look. 

  • Cost-Efficient 

You can select from a premium range of composite doors for better quality, however, there are also cheaper ones to fit your budget. It is a long-term investment that reassures every house member’s safety. 

  • Energy-Efficient 

This modern-looking door can also save energy in connection with thermal properties in the long run. Since gaps and draughts have been the most common problem with traditional doors, manufacturers invented composite doors to eliminate such issues. 

The door properly fits on an insulating frame to retain heat inside the house. It also works to protect the inner parts of the door from the changing weather.  

  • Low Maintenance 

Timber doors need double attention to last longer. It is more subject to cracking and peeling because of the paint material. A quick wash won’t work to sustain its look. 

On the other hand, once a composite door is installed, there will be minimal upkeep required. It is weather-resistant and so promotes easy cleaning using a damp cloth. 

Fixing Common Composite Door Problems 

It is said that a composite door is sturdy and secured, however, some problems cannot be prevented, including:

  • Sticking Door Lock 

This one is a type of security issue wherein the door lock is not functioning well. Homeowners should inspect locks every six months to see if it is working properly. If not, apply a graphite powder on the lock for lubrication. Using oil is inappropriate as it can cause more harm. 

  • Dropped Door

Such problems can also happen on composite doors. It refers to poorly fitted hinges, meaning the materials are not aligned causing the door to collapse. The easiest way to fix dropped doors is to tighten the hinges using a screw. This will make doors easier to maneuver and lock. 

  • Warped Door 

Here is another trouble with the door lock that can impact your energy consumption. Bad guys can even enter a house with a warped door a lot quicker. Thus, inspecting the door’s locking mechanism more often helps to prevent such difficulty. If no action is taken immediately, the best remedy would be to replace the door with a new one. 

  • Faulty Mechanism 

If there are faulty parts on composite doors, you will be unable to close or lock the door properly. You need to replace the whole part to solve the issue. However, a cheaper way to fix the problem is to replace the central lock case but can only guarantee a temporary solution. 

  • Faulty Euro Cylinder

When the euro cylinder is harmed, you cannot lock the door anymore. It should be replaced and just find a new set of keys for your door. 

Where to Buy High-Quality Composite Doors?

St Albans doors can offer households high-quality composite doors that are easy to install. Each door style can guarantee total peace of mind, without the worries of burglary. The doors are built with perfect strength together with a lot of security features to offer. You will experience an optimal performance with the range of doors to pick from. 

Final Words 

To summarize, having a door upgrade can be costly but it is essential if safety is your top priority. Composite doors differ from old doors in so many ways, such as the design, price, and even maintenance needs. So, knowing the care guide for composite doors prevents common issues in the future. 

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