Here Are Some of the Best Furniture Trends of the Year

As we reach the middle of the year, we already have many exciting furniture treads to enjoy. People are going experimental, classy, and bold with their home furnishing in 2021. Here are some of our favourite furniture trends of the year:

Contrasting Interiors

Many people are giving new energy to their living spaces with eye-catching high contrast looks. Of course, the most potent combination is black and white. But others are clashing other high contrasting colours and pairing them with dramatic art deco style patterns to create exciting looks.


Velvet furniture is also in demand in 2021 for its bold look and soft luxurious comfort. A piece of velvet furniture in pink, blue, orange, or brown can contrast nicely with your interior. 

Experimental Shades and Patterns

Bye bye white, soft, and neutral shades. Hello, bold, high-contrast colourslike fiery red, cobalt blue, and rich blue. Complementing these bold colours are equally bold patterns. Innovative floral wallpaper in kitchens and bathrooms on loudly patterned tiles and colours is a favourite of the year.

Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Reclaimed wood furniture is a hot trend among buyers interested in beautiful and unique-looking furniture that’s also eco-friendly. For example, a reclaimed wood coffee table is a great item to hold your drink or your book and function as a conversation piece for your friends and family. 

Everyone wants to know the story behind reclaimed furniture. Where did it come from? Who crafted it? What type of energy does it bring to your living space? 

Reclaimed wood furniture also looks timeless and looks good in just about any setting. However, it looks delicious when surrounded by warm, natural, and earthy tones. Shades of brown, green, and mustard look natural, organic and complement a lovely wooden dining table or a large and luxurious wooden bed frame perfectly. 

Wicker furniture is another excellent sustainable option in furniture. Wicker furniture design can incorporate reclaimed wood, live plants, and earthy materials like stones and metals for an exceptionally unique and modern look. 

One of the most significant advantages of owning wood or wicker furniture is that it’s easy to clean. A wipe from a damp cloth followed by a wipe from a dry one is usually enough to keep it pristine. 

Multifunctional Pieces 

As we move into towering buildings with smaller spaces, we purchase multifunctional pieces that fit in tinier homes and offer many functions. For example, a combination closet and workspace is a fine practical option. 

A sofa bed is also a valuable item because it seats your friends and supports your overnight guests. A bed with a chest of drawers can keep you comfortable at night while storing your towels, bedsheets, and blankets. Likewise, a nice ottoman can hold your cushions and carry your coffee mug. 

There are sectional sofas that fit many guests for space-challenged living rooms without taking up a lot of space. Bunk beds for kids with ladders are an excellent way for families to stay comfortably in their tiny urban homes without relocating from metropolitan cores

These are just some of the exciting furniture trends of 2021. Adopt one of the many popular styles or make your own to achieve the look you prefer. 

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