How to Achieve Comfort With Style

Social media has boosted the exposure of interior design and we can’t help but feel the need to catch up with the rapid trend flow in this growing society. We begin to catch on how our curtain does not complement our sofa and how we now feel like we can elevate our ancient sofa to a much modern one. Alongside this, we gradually realize that getting furnishings that satisfy both the comfort and stylish category can be hard when choosing what goes best with the rest of the house. A comfortable sofa isn’t always so inviting for the eyes and an elegant sofa isn’t always as delicate to launch, but why would you want to spend your money on a lavish sofa that you wouldn’t sit on? Of course, we prefer our stuff to be comfortable yet stylish at the same time. It is substantially better if we buy things that aren’t as expensive because trends change rather quickly and can really blow your wallet if you plan to constantly be luxurious. Not to mention the damage it causes to the environment.

Our environment suffers the consequences of our materialism, consumerism, and ignorance. We think of convenience without thinking about its direct effect on environmental damage. Wastewaters that contain hazardous chemicals are released to the rivers and will harm the entire globe after it has reached the ocean. Production and manufacturing has generated greenhouse gasses and polluted our atmosphere. We buy, we replace, we throw away, and repeatedly feel the need to follow our irrational desires that results in temporary satisfaction. It becomes a bigger problem when the products that we purchase aren’t environmentally friendly.

Always buy stuff that is good for investment and is safe for the long run. Higher quality products certainly determine the amount of time it is able to be used to the fullest. Although, it is not your fault for constantly seeking for the aesthetically pleasing aspect. Separating humans from art is almost impossible. We naturally seek beauty in every life aspect to satisfy our basic human needs. In fulfilling this need, it is suggested that you find products that use sustainable materials that won’t further destroy the earth. Evidently, living in a collapsed environment will not make your finely designed home comfy for long. In order to fix this, we need to gradually take part in recovering mother earth. Keep in mind that it is cool to be mindful of what we use.

Recently, we are made aware of a concept that has long been known to remove the unnecessary and promote the minimal usage of products. This movement is known to be minimalism. One of the obvious benefits of minimalism in life is its contribution to preserving the environment. Not only does the minimalist style provide simplicity, it also radiates elegance. P. Brickman in the 70s also proved that minimalism indirectly improves their quality of life. Less is indeed more. Now that you have decided to consider minimalism to stay in style, why not try to slowly adhere to a sustainable lifestyle?

Sleeping on a bed covered with linen can really improve your sleeping quality and make your bed look ever so inviting. Although linen doesn’t give out the same sensation as cotton and satin, elegant linen sheets are always a fine option and are guaranteed to retain its shape longer than the other materials if you know just how to care for it. The more you wash it, the more it softens in time. Linen is a material that acts as a natural insulator, hypoallergenic, and is biodegradable. It is suitable for your sensitive skin and will help you feel warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It even helps you look after your skin by retaining your skin’s natural pH balance. The higher the quality, the less loose the weaves will be.

The food containers in your kitchen could’ve been safer and better if you replaced the plastic ones with glass. Glass containers keep your food’s quality stable and showcase what’s inside unlike the other. Glass is safe to be heated and keeps germs away. It also doesn’t absorb the smell like what you usually experience with plastic. Compared to plastic, glassware is eco-friendly and doesn’t give you additional health problems. When heated, plastic releases various chemicals that can cause serious health risks. Glass containers really are a promising kitchenware investment that lasts a lifetime.

Other things that you should consider replacing include storage boxes, toothbrushes, furniture, water bottles, straws, deodorants, cleaning products, and many more. Remind yourself that this never has to be excessively expensive. Start decluttering your stuff and you will start being in style. 😉

Jhanzaib Akhter
Jhanzaib Akhter
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