Candle Maintenance is Simple if You Follow These Simple Guidelines.

For the decoration and beautification of any home, candles play a vital role. They have a pleasant aroma that leaves a soothing affect to its surroundings. Candles increase the brightness of a place and make it more calming.

Sure, you may believe it’s only a candle with no significance, right? To be honest, there are a few tips and tactics you can use to get the most out of your favorite candles, as well as avoid the dreaded uneven burn and sooty glass.


When you are first time igniting the candle, it is better to burn it until you see wax melting throughout the entire candle’s surface, up towards the container’s sides. It will be beneficial in avoiding tunneling. However, this way could take more time (around 2-4 hours), but it’s guaranteed it will extend the life of your candle.


It is surely critical as well as important to keep your wick shorter in order to get as much out of your candle. Before each lighting, it’s a good idea to clip your wick. The wick only has to be about 6mm long; leaving it shorter will prevent mushrooming, which can lead to extra soot. This also helps you get more out of your candle by changing the size of a flame. Cutting the wick allows the wax to melt uniformly, releasing a strong scent that can fill them up a room. Another great idea would be to put the scented candle on a level surface to have the same effect and avoid melted wax spilling down the edge.


The aroma will be dispersed, and the concentration will be reduced by opening windows and doors. For optimum scent, keep doors and windows closed and burn in the preferred location for 30 minutes before entering.


Keep your candles in a cold, dark, and dry location at all times. Candles that are scented look lovely when kept below a cloche of glass. It will prevent your candles from excess of dust.


Allowing the scented candle to burn overnight is not a great idea since it will use the fragrance oil too quickly, making the candle less aromatic the next time it is lit. Allowing it to sit overnight can potentially result in a fire.

Allow your scented candle to burn for no more than 4 hours and then set it aside for another 2 hours just until the wax has solidified again until next usage.

Be it regular candles or scented wax cubes, taking proper care will ensure that they last long and the fragrance remains intact for as long as possible.




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