Great Gift Ideas for the Home Handymen in Your Life

If you have a man in your life, such as a partner, brother, father, or friend who loves tinkering around with home renovation projects or spending time in their garden, making items out of leftover or found materials, etc., you’re likely always thinking about appropriate gifts to help them indulge their interest, hobby, and needs. 

Happily, there are many great gift ideas at many different price points you can consider the next time you need to source a present for the home handyman in your life.

Tool Belt

A tool belt is one of the simplest and always useful gifts for someone who does lots of jobs around the house. These items help keep both hands free to complete tasks and stop small items, like nails, screws, etc., from getting lost in the process of removing or installing things. A tool belt is appropriate when the man in your life has never had a quality option, as well as if his current product is starting to wear out. 

Pick out a belt with multiple adjustable pouches made from heavy-duty leather or thick cotton, for instance. You want a belt that’s robust and weatherproof, where possible, and that will cope with years of wear. A secure and durable steel buckle can help to keep the belt done up safely, too. 

Power Tools

Any guy who likes working around the house or completing other projects will surely need numerous power tools as time passes. These devices make many jobs much quicker and easier and can save people from back, neck, and arm strain, among other things. As such, why not gift the handyman you know with a power tool he doesn’t currently own? 

You might present him with a nice cordless drill he can use outside the house and in the garage and elsewhere, or perhaps buy him a power saw, circular saw, or air compressor. Other useful options include quality chainsaws, leaf blowers, grinders, and nail guns.

Gift Voucher

The handyman in your life may already seem pretty well stocked with goods to complete his projects. If so, you might like to give him a gift voucher or two to his preferred home depot or a hardware store, paint shop, etc. This way, he can select items he desires as needs arise and enjoy browsing for things he might not have considered purchasing before. Vouchers also make for good presents for people you know are fussy about tools and other gear and who like to select their own items rather than having things chosen for them.

Drill Set

A drill is one of the most well-used items in any handyman’s garage or garden shed. These tools get used constantly, both inside and outside the home. As a result, it’s likely the guy you want to buy for often has to stop what he’s doing to go and purchase the right-sized drill bits for jobs he’s completing or replace drill bits that he’s misplaced or that have worn out. A helpful present can be a new drill set containing sizes for different tasks. 

It pays to opt for sets with titanium pilot points for smooth operation and good work surface grip, and those with a decent warranty. If you’re unsure of which brand to go for because there are numerous ones, look at the other tools your handyman owns and see if he tends to favor one brand in particular. 


Another idea is to buy the handyman you know a relevant subscription. For example, you could purchase him a home decorating magazine subscription to give him ideas about jobs to finish around the house or get him a subscription to a magazine about building a new home or completing renovations. To pick out a magazine subscription, think about the publications you’ve seen the recipient purchase in the past or flick through when you’re in the newsagency or grocery store that you can tell have sparked their interest.

Other gift ideas you might consider are: 

  • Well-fitting, thick work gloves
  • An adjustable wrench set
  • A screwdriver or socket tool set
  • A sturdy toolbox
  • A voucher for a massage or an at-home machine to help relieve muscles that have been working hard on handyman projects 
  • A portable Bluetooth speaker so the handyman can listen to music, audiobooks, or podcasts while working

As you can see, there are ideas galore to choose from at many different price points that will put a grin on the face of the handyman in your life.