Create the garden of your dream in no time with the best free garden planner Planner5D

If the vacant land around your house is underutilized, and you have plans to turn it into the garden of your dreams? Is your existing garden in need of being renovated to be an outdoor space to enjoy green relaxing moments? You can make it happen right away with Planner 5D’s free garden planner. This pre-programmed application will help you design and arrange a beautiful garden with minimal effort. Not only possessing a user-friendly, intuitive interface, Planner 5D’s online garden design software also provides you with a free and extremely simple set of garden design tools. With the help of this solution, you can safely unleash your creativity and take the green space around your home to the next level. The following article will give you detailed information about this planner.

What is Planner 5D?

Planner 5D is an online design application, not only for your garden but also for your home. For garden lovers, this is a powerful tool to help you create a perfect garden plan. This software is suitable for anyone who wants to renovate an empty yard by themselves but doesn’t know where to start. Or those who have a lot of inspiring ideas for this green space but have trouble putting them together. With simple operations of drag and drop, users can easily create a blueprint to build and arrange everything as per requirements. The Planner 5D platform handles both 2D and 3D visualization tools, allowing you to envision the entire interior and exterior of the finished garden from various standpoints. Furthermore, it costs you nothing to get the most realistic and saving simulation presentation before you start making it a reality.

Main features of Planner 5D’s Garden Planner 

The Planner5D app is designed to be used in the web browser or downloaded to your phone from the App Store or Google Play. The garden planner tools set allows users to build a functional outdoor space from scratch in minutes. Prominent features that may be useful and suggested by users include:

  • A customizable garden template with drawing tools
  • A vast library of inspirational templates available from other garden designers
  • A huge catalog of plants, miniatures, and exteriors arranged in folders for easy search and selection, suitable for many different garden styles.
  • Allows design only with drag-drop or mouse clicks
  • Simulator modes to visualize their garden layouts and designs in 2D and 3D, with multiple viewing angles
  • Can save ongoing projects and unlimited revision
  • Allows creating multiple projects at the same time
  • Can be used offline

How does Planner5D’s garden planner work?

Once you access the design interface, you can start a project from scratch or play around with the available templates for inspiration. Feel free to explore to find what is the best fit for you. You don’t need any design experience or special skills. The steps to create a garden that everyone will admire using Planner5D design tools are shown below.

Create your garden layout:

You can draw your garden line-by-line on the grid background. The automatic navigator and drawing tools help you create your garden layout with desired model and diameter. You can also drag an existing format from the inventory and start tweaking it. Changing the shape of the yard can be done by pulling and pushing its corners. You can also resize dimensions the same way or manually enter a value when clicking on the edges to be adjusted.

Arrange garden items and miniatures:

The items folders on the left side of the screen allow you to select everything for the outdoor space. Enjoy the convenience and experiment with different components by dragging and dropping, moving them around your virtual garden. Plants, perches, fences -you can just place them where you want. A garden pond is also a good idea. An outdoor tea table, patio to relax – all you can imagine. You can change the direction, color, texture, and materials to suit the overall architecture.

3D perspective for your garden:

Planner5D ‘s users can preview their designs before finishing them in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional modes. Switch to the 3D view and rotate the angles to see what your garden will look like from different standpoints. Compared to other online garden planning software, the 3D view is an outstanding feature of Planner5D. The perspectives preview helps you visualize the layout and every detail with a single mouse click. Forget about scrutinizing and missing potential problems when viewing a complex technical drawing. Everything is in front of your eyes.

If you want to compare customizations to choose the best design, save the project and continue editing the copy. You will find and review your saves in the “My Projects” folder on your profile page.

How to start designing your stunning garden with Planner5D?

Planner5D is one of the favorite free online garden design apps for its excellent features and easy-to-use tools. Inexperienced designers can create a flawless blueprint for their green outdoor spaces in minutes. Follow these steps to start your exciting garden creation journey:

Create an account:

  •         Access the website from a browser. Select “Get started for free” or simply click the “sign-up” button.
  •         In the new pop-up window, select “personal use”
  •         Fill in a valid email and your optional password.
  •         Agree to the terms and policies and confirm registration.
  • On a mobile device, visit App Store or Google Store and download the app. The operations of registration are similar to the above.

Profile setup:

Users after successful registration and email verification will be navigated to their profile page. Here, you are only asked to enter your name or nickname. Your profile is also where your designs are stored in the “My projects” folder.

Start a garden design project:

At the bottom of your profile page, select “Create a project”, and you’re good to go. Experiment with all the features as instructed in the previous section until you are satisfied with your garden.