5 Creative Ways To Use Bricks For Home Design

You may have renovated at home and have some bricks lying around. If you have an old small structure collapsing and have loose bricks, you can upcycle them as well. Old bricks are reusable, and there are many kinds of projects you can use to add more charm to your house. There are also many kinds of bricks with different colors that you can use for interior and exterior home designs. Bricks are a popular material for home renovation projects, and they offer a wide range of design possibilities. If you have some bricks lying around, you can upcycle them to add more charm to your house, or if you’re looking for a new purchase, thin brick is a great option to consider. Unlike traditional brick, thin brick is cut to a smaller size, making it easier to install and work with. Thin brick can be used in a variety of applications, from accent walls to fireplaces, and can be installed both indoors and outdoors.  Find out more about high quality thin brick selection for your next creative renovation project.  The following are some ideas for using bricks to beautify your home. 

  • Living Room Center Wall 

If you have a variety of bricks in red, you can use them to build a central wall that can be your living room’s focal point. You can use the diverse shading of bricks to create a design around it. A wall can be a focal point in a room. Use red bricks because of their fiery color, especially if the existing walls are primarily white. Use some mortar and red bricks to create a rustic feel in your living space and draw attention.  

Depending on your kind of bricks, you can create various themes for your center wall, such as contemporary, shabby chic, industrial, or vintage. If you need help where to start, you can call masonry contractors Albuquerque to look into your home and give you some information on how they can use bricks for a specific wall.  

  • Brick Steps And Walkways 

You can add a lower step at the entrance by using extra bricks. You can lay the bricks using a specific design that lasts years. Not only can you use them at the home’s front entrance but also for rooms with doors leading to the garden or yard. Brick steps look attractive, and it doesn’t take advanced skills in masonry to add them to the design of your home. You can lay out the bricks in a simple square or rectangular formation or curve them. As there are also different brick designs, you can use two designs or colors that complement each other such as textured bricks with smooth ones for the walkways.  

  • Brick Waterfall 

You can include brick waterfalls in your home design. Your waterfall can be as creative or simple as you want, and it can double as a pond for various kinds of fish like kois. The sunroom or conservatory can also be the place for an indoor waterfall. You can add it to the garden design. The sound of flowing water can add a relaxing feel to a place with many plants. You can also build it on the patio. You can create a small waterfall using bricks, a small pump, decorative rocks and pebbles, and decorative lights. 

  • Bathroom Walls 

Bricks are also perfect for bathrooms, even for only one side of the wall. Similar to the living room center walls, you can also use them in the shower section of the bathroom, especially if it’s an open space or surrounded by clear glass. 

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Another idea is to use it on a wall with a slanted ceiling, forming a triangle’s upper sides. You can place a classic clawfoot tub or a copper tub in the middle. The rest of the room can have muted or off-white walls, sinks, cabinets, and other decorative items.  

  • Brick Firepit 

Use old bricks to build a fire pit and place it outdoors or indoors. Firepits act as heaters for when you want to hang out in the yard with friends or family members. It’s the same for an indoor room with a high ceiling.  

Remember that if you want an indoor firepit, it’s essential also to provide enough ventilation to avoid smoke and ash from gathering inside the room. It also requires a chimney or a hood to route the smoke out of the home.  

A built-in fan at the hood will draw the smoke and carbon monoxide away. To prevent ashes from flying out and keep children safe, you can also cover the hood’s opening with a mesh cover. For extra precaution, install a carbon monoxide detector in the area.  

Depending on the kind of bricks you have, you can decide which project to do according to their color and design.  


You can use bricks to add to your home design by creating a living room center wall, a bathroom centerpiece, steps and walkways, and a fire pit. You can decide what design to make. But you can also look for masonry contractors to help you decide how to use extra bricks best to add charm to your home.  

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