Find the Perfect Square Footage for Your Family

As you move through the different phases of life, your housing requirements also change. While you can comfortably fit into a tiny studio apartment when you are still single, you can’t if you are living with a spouse. You need additional square footage once you get married and grow that family from just you and your spouse to having a kid or two or more. Size is a huge consideration if you are scouting for a new home, depending on what life stage you might be in. It could impact your lifestyle in more ways than one. Suffice it is to say, choosing the right home size for your needs is paramount.

To determine the proper square footage for your family, consider the following factors: 

Big houses can host a good size of sleepovers; small houses are easier to clean and organize

Having a big house means having more rooms, not only for your family but also for people you host at one point or another. A floor plan with thousands of square feet allows you to have common spaces, a bedroom for each family member, and extra rooms for your hobbies. Have you always wanted to have a home theater, a gym room, a playroom for the kids, a study, or a home office? You can have those and more if your space allows it.

On the other hand, be prepared to spend a reasonable amount of time cleaning and organizing if you have a huge home. A small house is low maintenance. You can make it look nice and fluffy in a jiffy. Plus, you will not have rooms that feel empty most parts of the year and most times of the day. Let’s face it. Guest rooms are not constantly occupied and recreation rooms, like the gym, are rarely used. The most is an hour or two in a day for those who are serious about their fitness.

Big houses have more rooms; small houses are more affordable to heat and cool

The gift of space gives you the freedom of movement. You can do many things and enjoy various activities if you have enough room in your house. But that also means higher costs, not just at the forefront but as you go along. If you can afford to pay for a big place, ask yourself if you can afford to maintain it as well.

Big houses have substantial operational costs. They are more expensive to furnish and much harder to heat and cool. The HVAC St. Charles experts maintain that the size of your home commands the size of your heating and cooling system. They have to meet halfway, or you will fail to meet your household’s temperature demands. But bigger systems also require more energy to run. If you are not prepared to pay for the high cost of utilities, you should think twice about acquiring too huge a home. 

In the end, the right home size depends on individual considerations. If you are honest with your needs, the stage of life you are in, and what feels comfortable, it would be easier to decide if you need a bigger home or if a small one is enough.


Humna Chaudhary
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