How to Find a Supplier to Source Your Product

Your business partners are your suppliers. The appropriate one can help you achieve your goals. Your business could be jeopardized before it even gets off the ground if you choose the wrong one. You’re well on your way to starting a business and making money online at this point in your eCommerce adventure. You’ve chosen a specialty. You’ve decided on a product. Allowing the quest for suppliers to derail your dream is a mistake.


Dropshipping is a business strategy in which the seller (you) does not hold items in stock but instead sends customer orders and shipping information to the supplier, who then distributes the goods straight to the customer. Dropshipping is a practical business strategy for anyone who wants to create an online store, but it’s especially good for folks who are new to eCommerce. This is due to you.

That’s because you won’t need any stock storage space, and you won’t have to spend money on bulk goods that might not sell. You simply list your stuff on the internet and wait for the orders to come in. Sellers will face reduced risk and expense as a result of this. However, because you’ll likely be paying the highest per-item costs of all the suppliers, your profit margins will be reduced. Because you won’t get any savings if you buy in bulk, this is the case. Convenience has a price.


A wholesaler is a corporation that buys things directly from the manufacturer and resells them for a slightly higher price to other businesses (like you). A frequent retail business concept is to source products from wholesale sources.

The alternative is best suited to individuals who have the financial means to purchase large quantities of items in advance. You’ll also need a place to keep your inventory. It’s an excellent choice if you’re looking for a unique way to express yourself. It’s a wonderful choice for sellers who have some expertise and are confident in their product’s ability to sell. When you buy things in bulk, you can frequently negotiate a lower price, resulting in better profit margins.


A manufacturer creates a product from the ground up and sells it to wholesalers and retailers. Sourcing directly from manufacturers is usually reserved for sellers with a lot of experience or who want to make a significant investment in their company. Manufacturers won’t offer you just a few goods since they rely largely on economies of scale to keep their production costs low. You’ll almost certainly need to buy in quantity. Make sure to get the supplier authenticated by your PPC agency.

At any given time, we’re talking about hundreds, if not thousands, of goods. This implies a large financial expenditure, as well as the need to find a storage location for all of the inventory. On the plus side, you’ll obtain the things for the cheapest price possible and make more money on each sale.

Private Labeling

A private labeling arrangement is one in which a product is manufactured and supplied by one firm and then sold under the brand of another company (or an individual seller). Private labeling is a good choice for merchants that wish to build their brand and differentiate themselves from generic product vendors.

It costs more to get started than other business models, but the long-term benefits are worth it. Having a private label product allows you to have more control over the branding and marketing of the product. Private label products can usually be sold for much more than generic products. The disadvantage is that you must spend money to build a brand, pay a manufacturer to develop a product, and buy-in volume.

How to Contact Suppliers?

You must establish contact once you’ve determined your company plan and the type of supplier you wish to engage with. There are no hard and fast rules for contacting suppliers, but there are certain pointers that might help you develop a professional relationship. The most effective method to accomplish this is to avoid coming across as an eCommerce novice (even if you are one). To accomplish so, you must communicate clearly and concisely while projecting confidence and experience.

You should also know what suppliers are looking for. Rather than relying on email, it’s always a good idea to pick up the phone and call vendors. When speaking with a live person, it can be easier to assess legality and reliability. Also, visit Olifant digital to learn more about the tips to find the right suppliers.

TIP: Contact at least five vendors to ensure you’re getting the greatest bargain and a good business partner. It will take some time, but you will gain a lot of knowledge and your firm will benefit as a result.

Avoiding Supplier Scams

Doing business with vendors you may never meet has several dangers. While the majority of suppliers are respectable firms, there are always those who want to take advantage of unwitting clients. eCommerce scams and fraudulent behavior are unfortunately all too widespread, but there are actions you can do to protect yourself.

Warning Signs

When working with suppliers, be aware of the following warning indications of potential scams and fraudulent firms. While these aren’t necessarily deal-breakers, they do merit a deeper look into the provider.

No Phone Number

I wouldn’t do business with a supplier who doesn’t have a phone number listed on their website. This is a huge warning sign.

Doesn’t Accept Credit Card or Checks

Just say no if they demand wire transfers. While there are a few reputable suppliers who exclusively accept wire transfers, they are few and far between, and they are extremely dangerous. It’s best to stay away from them.

No Address on Their Website

All genuine suppliers will provide their addresses. Don’t bother with them if they don’t have an address.

Selling to the Public at “wholesale” Prices

Some stores promote their pricing as “wholesale,” yet they are retail prices. They use the term “wholesale” as a sales ploy to make people think they’re getting a good price.


For prospective internet merchants, finding a supplier can be a difficult task, but this advice will make the process go as smoothly as possible. A reputable provider can help you develop a successful online store and serve your business for many years.

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