Get Your Home Summer Ready

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The ice cream trucks will start driving by soon, and as the music draws you towards the deliciousness, you already know summer is approaching. You have your summer outfits lined up, and that calendar is full of activities. But what about your home? Is it ready for the big shift? Here are some ways you can ensure that your home is ready for summer.

1.Make Sure Your AC is on Point

As the sun begins to shine brighter and you start your plans to tan, you want to come back home to the air conditioner hitting just right. It is essential to clean out the filters in your home before switching from heat to cool. After all those cold, gloomy months of summer, the filter might be clogged up too. It is essential to perform regular maintenance on the AC units to ensure that the coils are clean and running smoothly. Businesses like Evam Canada that known for heating and cooling services, will guide you through the process and tell you what your home needs.

2. Give Your BBQ a Nice Wash

It is officially the season to eat BBQ food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But you might not have used the BBQ machine last summer. Before you get started on those juicy burgers, take some time to deep clean your grill. Set your BBQ to high heat and leave it on for a couple of minutes, as this will make it easier to scrape off any dirt. After 5-10 minutes, unplug the BBQ and let it cool off. Wash every part of the BBQ, dry it, and get ready to feast.

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3. Switch Out the Outdoor Maintenance Equipment

After spending almost half the year with your equipment accustomed to the cold, it is time to shift things around. Gather your shovels, snow blowers, salt bags, and put them aside. Bring your summer essentials such as the lawnmower, plant trimmer, and garden tools closer. Organize whatever space you keep them in, such as your garage, for easy access. So, when the grass begins to grow, and weeds fill up your lawn, you won’t be scrambling to search for the mower. 

4.Make Space in the Freezer

Winter makes many lazy, but as summer approaches, it is the perfect time to clean your home inside outside, which includes one of the most critical appliances – the freezer. You need space to freeze your BBQ meat and refreshing popsicles. Take out all the leftovers from before, discard everything you no longer need and clean up the area.

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5. Say Hello to Freshness

If you want something to keep you busy during summer and reduce your fruitand vegetable bill, consider planting. If you have a garden, put on your gloves and consider growing flowers and produce. You can stay productive while making your yard look beautiful.

Follow these tips, and your home will be ready for summer in no time!