How long does it take a gas leak to clear?

Just like water pipe line, gas lines are also prone to corrosion and deterioration and just like water leaking – gas leaking is also a common issue. As a matter of fact around 30% home in Sydney in adjacent areas has minor gas leaking problems. But unlike water, leaking gas, especially if there is a major leak, can be very dangerous and you must call your gas plumbing service immediately. Those capable and specially trained professionals can not only detect the place of leaking with their advanced technologies in quick time but also seals the leaks or do whatever necessary to stop leaking and preventing any kind of accident

When it come to Gas Leaks Sydney identifying that there is a leakage is of major importance. Homeowners are required to be vigilant on their part and if any of the following signs are found to occur – a call to the gas plumbers is the first thing to be done.

Dead plants

If your gas pipeline is underground then the vegetation on it will be dying in case there is leak. Whenever you notice dead plants around the area where the pipe line passes through – you need to check it out with professionals.

Leaking sound

If there is a leak in the pipe, it is very much probable you hear a hissing sound when you go near. In reality a hissing sound means there is a major leak and immediate action requires to be taken. Any kind of sound coming out of the pipes is not considered as a good sign and should not be ignored for long.

Smelling like rotten eggs

Both propane and natural gas, those are used in households are colourless and also odourless. That is the reason mercaptan is added with them – which gives the gas a distinctive smell like rotten eggs and helps in detecting a possible leakage. If you smell rotten eggs near your gas lines – there is a very high chance of leakage.

Do the bubbles test?

The bubble test is a pretty sure way of detecting a leak and is also used by professional Plumbers Sydney. Bubble formation on the pipes or around areas if the pipe is underground indicates to a leakage.

Depending upon the amount of leaking and sealing up the leakage can take anything between half an hour to a few hours depending upon the expertise of your gas plumbing service and also the complexity of the situation. After calling the plumbers for emergency here are a few things that you should be doing for the safety of your family and also the neighbourhood because a situation like this can go out of control pretty quickly.

  • Immediately turn of all associated appliances.
  • Extinguish all flames 
  • Turn on the fans to the highest setting
  • Open all doors and windows and let air flow inside 
  • If possible get everyone of your family members out of the house including your pets and wait for the air to clean up.

There is nothing to panic as gas leaks are pretty common occurrences and can also be taken care of pretty quickly. All you need to do is giving your gas plumbers a quick call.