Everything You Need to Know About Carpet Padding 

Carpet padding is essential when installing a new carpet. Why you may ask? It’s simple. Carpet padding is the foundation for your carpet. Not only does it serve as a cushion under the carpet, but it also allows for stability, noise reduction and insulation. Therefore using carpet padding under your new carpet is very important. 

Carpet padding serves many functions. Good-quality padding will actually prevent the backing of your carpet from deteriorating and breaking down prematurely. This ensures your carpet stays looking new and overall has increased longevity. Furthermore, there is more than one type of carpet padding. Carpet padding has to be carefully selected in order to ensure proper use and installation. Let’s take a look at the types of carpet padding available, their uses and tips for selecting a suitable option for your home. Whether you are looking for carpets Colchester or carpets fitters, it is important to know how to select the best carpet padding on the market. 

Rebound Padding

Rebound padding is the most common option used in homes today. In fact, the carpet you have in your home currently most likely has rebound padding underneath it. It is known as the “cheapest” option on the market and is constructed from recycled foam. Rebound padding is multicolored because it is constructed from recycled materials. Assuming you select the correct density, rebound carpet padding is a good choice. 

Frothed Foam

Frothed foam padding is dense and very durable. In fact, this type of padding is durable enough that it may outlast the carpet. As a result of its longevity, it is more expensive than other types of carpet padding. It is typically used underneath broadloom carpeting. 

Memory Foam

Similar to frothed foam, memory foam is durable, yet slightly different in composition. Memory foam is infused with gel. The “sinking” feeling experienced with memory foam beds is the same feeling experienced with memory foam carpet padding. Memory foam padding is not a good choice for areas of the home with high foot traffic such as the living room or dining room. However, this type of padding is ideal for bedrooms or other rooms with low foot traffic. 

Prime Foam 

Most commonly found in couch cushions, prime foam is moderately firm, but not ideal for rooms with heavy foot traffic. It is moderately priced and firmer than other types of foam carpet padding. 

Waffle Padding

Living up to its name, waffle padding is shaped like a giant rubber waffle underneath your carpet. This type of carpet padding is one of the oldest, yet still used today. It is soft, however, it’s not going to last as long as other options. Therefore if you are going to select waffle padding, make sure it is high-quality and dense. 

Fiber Pad

Most carpet pads are made from synthetic materials, however, fiber pads are made from jute. Fiber pads are inexpensive, flat and dense.

Rubber Pad

A rubber pad is ideal for homeowners with allergies. Rubber pads are durable, dense and heavy. Frothed foam pads and rubber pads can have the same lifespan, assuming the rubber pad is crafted with quality. 

The Cost of Carpet Padding 

This will vary greatly based on the type of carpet padding you select. As mentioned above, some types are more expensive than others because of their durability and longevity. As a general rule, carpet padding will cost anywhere from £96 to £250 per average-sized room. 

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