How To Freshen Up Your Home For The Holiday Season

The term “household rubbish” refers to the stuff that accumulates in our houses and that we desire to get rid of.

Household waste can pile up at any time, but it’s most often that we require assistance getting rid of it when we’re moving or renovating. The items from your home often fall into one or more of five categories:

  • Biodegradable trash like the typical organic kitchen wastes
  • Construction remains like debris, rocks
  • Reusable waste such as glass, paper, aluminium cans
  • Health-hazardous wastes like fertilisers, paints, transmission fluids 
  • Assorted trash, like unwanted clothing

Here’s how to freshen up your home for the holiday season.

Tips To Keep Your Home Fresh For The Holiday Season

Maintain Easy Access To Cleaning Supplies

You can start by keeping your homemade cleaner and sponges at spots that can be readily accessed, such as under the kitchen and washroom cleaner. This will help you clean up messes as often as they occur.

It only takes some moments to wipe off a minor spill, and it will reduce the number of times you have to complete a thorough cleaning. Furthermore, this will assist you in keeping your home tidy during the holidays.

As Soon As You Wake Up, Make Your Bed.

Making your bed is the first thing you should do after waking up. Besides leaving your bedroom tidier, it also jump-starts your day’s reproductive level as it would be hard to sneak back into your bed and postpone chores. 

Using A Shower Spray

Spray the shower with an all-purpose cleaner and wipe it down once a day. Briefly spraying and rinsing your shower every day over the holidays will reduce the number of times you’ll need to clean your shower. 

Examine The Refrigerator

Make a quick check of your fridge every night before cooking dinner to confirm if any food item has gone bad or if there is spillage.

Discard any waste, and clean up any spills or leaks. This is essential in keeping your home tidy over the holidays. 

Maintain Trash And Recycling

Take out the garbage and empty the recycling containers after a day or two. Developing this behaviour will help you avoid having trash and recyclables pile up. 

Professional rubbish removalists, like 1300 Rubbish will be able to help you when it comes to getting rid of your household waste, especially bulky items that are difficult to remove.

While You’re Waiting For Coffee, Take Care Of The Dishes

While waiting for your morning coffee to boil, you can clean up any leftover dishes from the previous night.

Additionally, you can use that time to empty your dishwasher—reducing the number of chores you’ll have to do later when things get hectic. 

Clean As You Cook

Doing dishes as you cook makes kitchen cleaning super-easy (and faster). This will tidy your home for the holidays.

Do a round of dishes when you’ve finished preparing your supper. And before you sit down to take your meal, give your utensils and pots a quick rinse.

Dust During Commercials

If you’re fond of watching tv in the evenings, you can take advantage of the advertisement breaks to do some cleaning. You can wipe off the side tables, coffee table, and media centre during those two-minute breaks.

A dust-free living room will save you from knit-picking from your relatives during the holidays, as your home will be spotless. 

Keep All Of Your Mail In One Place

Keep your mail in a designated tray or container, and empty it at least once a week—when paying your bills. This helps you have everything in one place rather than strewn throughout the house. Or better yet, try out other strategies like going paperless.

Set A Timer

You can set a timer for 20 minutes and only focus on cleaning and arranging if you have a lot of domestic activities to complete. You’ll probably accomplish more than you anticipated. These essential life tips will help you keep your house in order.

Consider Your Priorities

Cleaning isn’t all created equal, so think about what you truly need to get done first. For example, if you’re having guests around for dinner tonight, you can focus on shared spaces like the living room, kitchen, and bathroom—the bedroom and garage can wait.

Assign A Task To Everyone

During the holidays, enlist the help of the entire family to clean. You can wash and organise the bathroom and dining room while your spouse tidies and arranges the kitchen.

Place the youngsters in charge of clutter management; have them put their shoes in the foyer and collect old magazines and newspapers from the living room.