Cleaning After Renovation

If you’re planning renovation work to your home or your business, booking in an after building clean once the work is complete is the best way to get your property back to normal once all of the work has been completed. Following building work, your home can be very dusty. There can be stains and a layer of grime over every surface in the home. Dust and dirt get everywhere during renovations, so a good quality clean afterwards is essential. If you aren’t sure what’s involved in the renovation cleaner, don’t worry, let’s find out, shall we? 

What is After Building Cleaning?

After building cleaning is one of the most challenging cleaning services that any cleaning company offers. This is because dust and dirt from building work get everywhere in a property. The same goes for paint dust. If the painters have sanded your walls, this dust will be everywhere in your home. So, any cleaning company that offers after building cleaning services deserves a tip of your hat because it isn’t your typical regular cleaning service. 

As these cleaning sessions are so difficult, most cleaners will use an after building cleaning checklist to ensure that the cleaning team doesn’t miss any of the problem areas during the clean. This cleaning checklist will differ between cleaners but can include:



 Cleaning skirting boards

 Cleaning the windows (inside only)

 Cupboards inside and out

 Bathroom and toilet tiles

 and more.

If you’ve had building work done near your bathroom, you may notice that it is now covered in a layer of brick dust. Removing this from the tiles is pretty straightforward, but removing it from the grout can be a real challenge. Removing this dust from skirting boards isn’t too difficult either, although it can be time-consuming. However, ensuring that the dust isn’t in any cracks or gaps along the skirting is where it pays to pay a professional cleaning company to do the work for you.

The goal of after building services is, of course, to make it look like you never had builders in your home. And to make your home look wonderful again. So, if you don’t think a basic after renovation clean will do it (if someone spilt some paint or stained the carpet), let the cleaner know before they arrive, and they’ll bring the big guns. 

Is After Building Cleaning Possible For Domestic Properties?

Yes, of course. Whether you’re renovating your entire home or you are having a small building project done, your home can really benefit from after building cleaning once the work is complete. If you take a walk around your home during the building work, you’ll notice a layer of dust and dirt that is covering a lot of your home. No matter how careful builders are, any dust they create spreads and can leave you with a lot of mess to clean up. With an after building cleaning service, though, the cleaner can bring your home back to life after the building work has been completed, no matter how big or small the work was.

Is After Building Cleaning Possible for Commercial Properties?

Most cleaners provide after building cleaning services to any commercial property. Let’s say that you have just moved into a new office building, and you’ve hired a builder to move a few walls, open up the space or make some more new offices. Your business space is now looking perfect, other than the fact that there is dust and dirt covering everything. Before you get any of your employees into that space and move your computers and desks in, get a cleaning team in. They can make sure the space is clean and dust-free and help you get it ready for your employees to work comfortably in. If you own a shop that has recently been renovated or a gym that you’ve taken from an old office building to an open plan space, A cleaning team can clean up the mess after any building work has taken place and before you invite customers in.

What Happens After The Cleaning is Complete?

Once an after building cleaning team has completed their work, your home or business will be ready for you to enjoy. After all that hard work from the builders, cleaners, and you getting your home to exactly where you want it, we’re sure you’d like to keep your property clean afterwards. Well, we’d think about regular domestic cleaning and regular commercial cleaning after this. A cleaner can visit your home or office once a week or fortnightly to keep it in the best condition possible.

In Conclusion

After building cleaning services are usually completely tailored to suit your needs as renovation works vary so much. The cleaner will clean your entire property after a renovation to ensure that none of the dust and dirt from the renovation work is left. Most companies also offer carpet and upholstery cleaning services and every other cleaning service you may need after the renovation work and going forward. So, if you’re planning some renovation work, let someone else take care of cleaning your property after it has been completed; you’ll be so glad you did!

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