Are Battery Operated Chainsaws Any Good?

A battery-operated chainsaw is the latest advancement in technology when we talk about outdoor cutting tools. Such machines offer green energy and seek little maintenance time. Hence, cordless chainsaws are popular among suburban homeowners and individuals who cannot handle petrol engines or power cables.

New battery-dependent models are available with long battery life and their cutting quality is also excellent. Still, this variant cannot match petrol chainsaws in terms of cutting speed and power. So, let’s discuss all the advantages and disadvantages of a battery-operated chainsaw so that you can understand whether it deserves your investment or you will look for other options.

Advantages of a Cordless Chainsaw

Battery-dependent chainsaws are lightweight and hence, easy to carry. These machines work at low sound levels when compared to petrol-propelled variants. Plus, you will not have to experience the irritating smell of petrol.

Cordless tools are easy to maintain and there is no need for fuel refilling. Above all, these machines are easy to start. Push an electric button and start cutting the wooden logs.

If you are looking to spruce up trees, cut small to medium-sized logs, trim libs, or attempt any other similar residential tasks, then a battery-dependent chainsaw is suitable.

Disadvantages of Cordless Chainsaws

If you own a big property with thick trees, then a battery-dependent chainsaw might not be a suitable investment. Such machines lack the punch to deal with heavy-duty cutting tasks. So, if you want to cut big logs or remove huge trees from an area, then try petrol propelled chainsaw.

Chainsaw for Pruning

As we discussed, a battery chainsaw is lightweight, easy to use, and emits zero carbon fumes. So, it’s one of the best solutions for pruning, especially if you are living in an area where air pollution is already a problem. The tool will not make any noise, so you can use it any time of the day or night without disturbing your family members or neighbours. Bosch Home and Garden 3 600 HB8 000 S is one of the best cordless chainsaw UK for pruning.

Chainsaw for Felling

You need continuous cutting power for felling trees and battery chainsaws can offer this. So, if want a solution for the felling of small trees and cutting wooden logs for firewood, then a cordless might be a suitable purchase. For instance, you can try Ryobi OCS1830.

Chainsaw for Delimbing

You can easily handle a battery-operated chainsaw and hence, the delimbing process will be quick and convenient. Most of the cordless cutting tools are lightweight. So, you can reach all the branches on thick logs without any hassles. Such a machine can easily deal with small or medium-sized branches.

Chainsaw for Cutting Firewood

A cordless chainsaw works without creating high levels of vibrations. These variants are compact as well. So, you can cut the required number of firewood without any fatigue. If you want to cut a small or medium amount of wood, then a battery chainsaw will do the needful without any ruckus.

Best Battery Operated Chainsaw for Residential Usage

  • Bosch Home and Garden 3 600 HB8 000

Bosch Home and Garden 3 600 HB8 000 is an excellent tool that’s perfect for pruning and cutting firewood. It uses an 18V battery, which is sufficient to deal with all the cutting tasks around your house. The chainsaw is slim, compact, and lightweight at 3 kg, including its battery. So, it’s perfect for both experts and beginners.

  • Ryobi OCS1830

One of the best cordless chainsaws, Ryobi OCS1830 comes with a 30cm Oregon bar and 2.0Ah battery. It has a chain speed of 10m/s. This battery chainsaw comes with an efficient 18V motor, which supplies continuous power useful while tree felling.

  • Greenworks Battery Chainsaw G40CS30

Safe, easy to start and lightweight, the G40CS30 is a high-quality chainsaw that’s perfect for beginners. The unit includes a 2Ah battery, but it is compatible with up to 4Ah batteries. With a 40V motor, this battery chainsaw can easily deal with light-duty pruning, felling, and delimbing.

Final Talk

Now you can understand that a battery-operated chainsaw is useful and efficient. However, everything depends upon your requirements. How will you use the chainsaw? It’s the primary point to consider before investing in such an outdoor tool. Once you the answer, we suggest that you choose a battery, electric or petrol propelled model accordingly.

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