7 Signs That You Need to Replace Your Patio Doors

Last year, industries relating to home improvements experienced an unprecedented boom, with over 330 million online inquiries related to the topic.

Are you one of the 75% of US homeowners who are still looking for ways to boost their home’s livability and aesthetics?

Perhaps it’s time to set up that outdoor space you’ve always wanted. If so, your patio doors could probably do with an upgrade, here’s how to know when a patio door replacement is in order.

1. Ugly Gaps Between the Glass and Frames

Poor installation techniques, weathering, or aging can lead result in warped frames and sashes around your patio doors. This creates security, structural, and insulation problems.   

This type of misalignment could allow water into your home. That opens up a world of potential issues like mold and mildew growth or damage to your flooring and furnishings. 

If you discover wet areas inside your sliding door or dampness in the walls alongside it, you should consider replacing your door immediately.  

2. Foggy Panes on Your Patio Doors

When condensation forms inside the panes of your patio doors, it’s a sure sign that there’s a problem with the seal around the glass.

In these cases, moisture and air will make their way in between the panes, destroying the energy efficiency of your door. Small cracks in your door glass can also cause this issue.

3. Your Doors Are Allowing Air Inside

Damaged door seals are the number one cause of drafty patio doors unless there are noticeable gaps in your door’s frame.

Air leaks can cause insulation problems throughout your dwelling. They’ll definitely cause uncomfortable interior temperatures and cause an increase in your heating and cooling bills too. 

Proper insulation’s one of the major factors if you’re trying to make your home extra energy-efficient and eco-friendly. 

4. Your Doors Stick or Won’t Close

If you’re doors not functioning as it should, you’ve probably got a warped frame. However, there are also a few other issues that may cause your door to jam depending on what type of doors you have. 

Sliding Glass Doors

These types of doors slide along a horizontal track. If they stick in place, your rollers are likely damaged or the door isn’t level with the track.

If your door makes a rubbing sound when you slide it, get a professional to investigate the cause. It could need repairs instead of replacement.  

French Doors

French patio doors should swing inward or outward on a smooth trajectory.

If they’re sticking or jamming at any point, they might need new hinges. Worn-out hinges cause your door to sag and scrape against the floor. A faulty latch might jam your doors closed, making them unusable.

Get expert help to diagnose the cause of your sticking door. 

5. Structural Damage 

A patio door installation offers an enormous bang for your buck. It’s a comparatively cheap fix that adds tremendous benefits to the look, style, and comfort of your home. 

According to Renewal by Andersen, a new patio door should last at least 20 years. So, if your doors look old and dilapidated, they’re probably reached their sell-by-date. 

Broken glass panes and jamming frames are some of the most common structural issues homeowners experience with their patio doors. If hail’s the cause behind your broken patio door, consider installing new doors with impact-resistant glass that can stand up to extreme weather events. 

6. Your Doors are Old Fashioned

Older doors might add a quaint look to your home, but they don’t offer the insulation afforded by modern-day models. The latest patio door options offer several energy-efficient innovations. These are the most common ones:

Double and Triple Pane Glass

Glass is a good insulator, so the more layers you have on your door the better. Double and triple-pane windows offer double and triple the energy efficiency of single panes.

Most of these panes also have a layer of insulating Argon gas in between them, adding even more protection from the heat and cold.

Extra layers of glass also reduce the amount of noise that enters your home from the outside, so they’re a marvelous addition for homes located close to busy roads. 

Glass Coatings

Low-E coated glass isn’t colored, so it offers all the benefits of glass tinting without disrupting your view. These coatings keep harmful UV rays and radiant heat outside, so you needn’t worry about the sun damaging your flooring and furniture.

They also prevent heat from escaping during the winter and reduce the chance of condensation, mold, and mildew forming on your patio doors. 

Blinds and Shades

Some models of patio doors come with blinds and shades installed between the panes. This offers added protection from the elements as well as extra privacy when desired.

You regulate the operation of these window dressings via remote control. 

All these options offer Energy Star ratings and could result in a tax credit for installing energy-efficient features. 

7.  Your Security’s at Risk

Are the locks on your patio doors jamming or not working at all? Don’t take chances with your family’s safety, call a patio door service immediately.

You should seriously consider replacing these old-style doors with newer models that offer a durable and convenient foot locking system, or sturdy double bolt lock. 

Patio Doors Make a Big Impact On Your Home

The best patio doors add beauty, elegance, and a link to the outside world, and they last for many years. So, take your time selecting the best design for your home, or arrange for a consultation with a patio door company expert for guidance and advice.

No doubt making the right choice will add value to your home both financially and comfort-wise. For more ideas about the top home improvement tips, explore some more of our articles.