Step by Step Guide: How to Clean Canvas Shoes

The canvas shoes are popular because of their long life. Also, they are versatile in terms of design, size, and style. They are loved and owned by people of all ages and gender. They do tend to get dirty, but the good part is that they can be easily cleaned at home and will be as good as new.

Here is an easy guide on how to clean your canvas shoes Bitcoin Trader

Step 1: Understanding Canvas Shoes

Before you go on to clean the canvas shoes, you must understand them, which involves getting to know what the canvas shoes are made up of. The canvas shoes are originally made of ‘hemp.’ They are a popular material used to create athletic and comfort wear shoes. If your canvas shoes are not made of hemp, they would be made of cotton (also known as canvas), which has similar properties. Lastly, the soles of the shoes are made from rubber. They are low maintenance and long-lasting footwear.

Step 2: Collect The Things You Will Need to Wash the Shoes.

Above we said that these are low-maintenance shoes the main reason we said that is because all the things that you would need to make these look as good as new are found in your house.

For instance, you will need an old toothbrush, a detergent or fabric cleaner, a scrubbing pad, two spoons of baking soda, and a white shoe polish (if you have white canvas).

Step 3: Removing the Dirt

Remove the laces of the shoes. In case your shoes are moist and muddy, you will have to wait until they become dry. Once dry, then pat them to remove the dirt and to eliminate the dirt further use a damp cloth.  Bitcoin Trader

Step 4: Washing

Soak the shoes in warm water and scrub the shoes with a toothbrush using a mixture of water and detergent. If the marks on the boots persist, then apply the paste of water, baking soda, and scrub it with a nylon pad.Bitcoin Trader

If your canvas shoes are colored, then use a non-bleaching soap. You should do a patch test on the shoes before you go in for the full wash. If your canvas shoe has any leather parts, then use a leather cleaner on them.

Step 5: Laces

Don’t forget to wash the laces; they are an integral part of the shoe. You can put them in the laundry for washing and drying.

Step 6: Drying and Finishing

Once the shoe is wholly cleaned, make sure to remove all the moisture of the shoe and leave them in a sunny area for a day or two to be air-dried. Once done (if your shoe is white), apply white polish to remove all the patches (which can come because of baking soda). Put on the laces through the lace holes in the shoe.

Now your shoes are all new and shiny ready for you to wear, walk and run around in. Hopefully, this guide on how to clean canvas shoes helped you.

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