How to protect Your House against Burglars?

It may be impossible to make sure that your house will never be burglarized. However, there are many ways to make the task much harder for criminals to enter into your home, while you are not there. Here are a few ways to entice them to look for another house, if they ever think of hitting yours.

Protect Your Windows

Windows are the weakest links on a house. That is, if you don’t protect them the right way. Today, most people are installing large aluminium windows on their house, so the sunshine can flood each room. That is, when they are inside it, of course. It is possible to acquire anti-burglary blinds for these types of windows. This system is highly visible and will make burglars think twice, before they decide to try to force them, enter illegally, rob your valuable objects and leave with your precious souvenirs.

Install Grade One Deadbolt Locks on Your Doors

There are three different grades of deadbolts, that can be installed on your doors. However, only a grade one will do the trick, when it comes to fully protecting your house against those who want to enter, without an invitation. With a Grade 1 deadbolt, it will take them much longer to pick it than the other models. And if they want to break it loose, it will take a lot of abuse before it gives up. Even drilling it will be more complicated. The best thing about them just may be that as hard as they are to take down, they are quite easy to put up.

Add a Metal Frame to Your House Doors

If someone wants to come in, the easiest way may be to kick the door down. When this is done, what usually gives in is the wooden door frame. Since they are less than three centimeters thick, they won’t resist such an attack. If you reinforce your doors with a metal frame, no one will notice. But when burglars try to take it down, and they can’t, it might suffice to get them to run in the opposite direction of your house.

Don’t make it Easy for Burglars to come Inside

If you forget to close a window, or some of the doors aren’t locked, you are simply calling burglars to your home. Many of these crimes are committed simply because a person passes in front of the house and sees the opportunity. But there are other things you should think of doing regularly, like changing the password to your alarm system and electronic locks around your house.

Keep the Illusion of Life Inside the House at All Time

Today, it is easy to connect to your house through your smartphone. Therefore, even if you go on trips, you should be able to create the illusion that someone stayed behind. You can do so by opening and closing lights, in various rooms. You can do so through a software, no matter where you are in the world. This is a safe way to keep burglars at bay.