7 Interesting Features of Clevertouch to Use in Education

Teachers now have a new interactive display that gives them more tools to work with. It is the Clevertouch, and it is very versatile and user-friendly. And the unifying principle for all these tools and features is usability.

 All software and applications are designed to be as easy to use as possible. Clevertouch is so easy to use that most educators need very little, if any, training time, which means they can access all the features right away. Usability is only one aspect of Clevertouch.

Interactive displays aren’t new to the classroom as they have been used by teachers for decades. Despite their widespread use, most schools still rely on projectors to deliver lessons due to a lack of funding and resources.

Due to their affordability, projectors have long been a popular option. Despite this, interactive displays have almost surpassed projectors in this area, as well as offering these other features:

Features of Clevertouch

  • The image is projected toward the speaker when using a projector. Thus, part of the speaker’s image will be screened out by their shadow and they will have to contend with the brightness of the projector. In spite of the inconvenience, students will tune out if they can’t see the presentation.
  • The Clevertouch is powered by the LUX operating system, which works similarly to an Android device. Users’ previous experiences with touch interfaces influence current interactions with the interface, resulting in improved ease-of-use and efficiency.
  • The Clevertouch’s built-in infrared cameras rarely require calibration, making it easier for teachers to use. Those who have worked with projectors know how frustrating it is to have to calibrate the projector multiple times a day; the clevertouch interactive screens rarely require adjustment and can connect to any connected device via touch without further calibration.
  • Clevertouch’s lesson planning and whiteboard software is called Lynx. It was designed to be minimalistic and versatile, so teachers can collaborate on projects using Lynx from different locations or classrooms.
  • Math is fun and interactive with Clevermaths, a piece of software that promotes student engagement. This unique program includes several tools including: a graphing calculator, a function graph, a protractor, 2D/3D shapes, and a coordinate system.

Teachers may be able to utilize their time more effectively by using the Clevertouch, which could reduce lesson preparation and provide students with a familiar interface that ensures maximum retention.

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