How to measure accurately for a sectional

If you have never bought a sectional before, you should really do some research before ordering one. Sectionals are a bit more complicated than a traditional sofa, and as such there are some tricks for measuring your space to make sure you really have enough room for a sectional. Follow these tips to make sure that you are getting the right sectional for your room.

Measure your space

If you are getting all new living room furniture and starting from scratch, you can use the dimensions of the room to plan accordingly. If you are keeping some of your furniture and simply getting a sectional to replace the sofa, you’ll need to measure the exact space available for a sectional.

When you measure your space, keep in mind that you need to keep a walkway clear around the sectional so that people can move freely and sit comfortably. You should also make room for a console table or coffee table so that you have some surfaces near the sectional. A sectional is a large piece of furniture, and a large investment, so make sure you know exactly what space you have available.

Check the dimensions carefully

Make sure that you have the exact dimensions of your new sectional before you order. Most online furniture stores offer a wide variety of sectionals of all shapes and sizes. Check length, width, and depth. If you plan on hanging things above the sectional you should also make sure you know the height so you can rearrange wall art accordingly.

You should be able to find the exact dimensions of the sectional sofa in the product description of the piece. If you are not able to find all of the details you need to make an informed decision about your purchase, you may need to look at other sites to get the dimensions. The best online furniture stores will have all of the information you need readily available.

Rearrange your other furnishings

If you are keeping some furniture and just buying a sectional to replace the couch, you may need to rearrange other furniture to make room for the sectional. Rearrange your furnishings as you measure for the space so that you know exactly what you have to work with when searching for a sectional of the right size.

Create a pattern

To make sure that the sectional will fit in your room the way you want, it is a good idea to create a pattern using the dimensions found in the product description. The pattern can be made by taping cardboard or newspapers together in the shape and size of the sectional. You can then layout this pattern on your floor where the sectional should go. This gives you a clear picture of whether or not your room is too large for a sectional. It will also help make sure you won’t have to return the furniture due to its size.

When you follow these tips, you’ll get the right sofa for your living room. Looking for more sectionals?