How Much Does a Firework Display Cost?

As one of the oldest ways of expressing celebration, fireworks are synonymous with events and parties the world over. With many people attending public displays throughout the year, including bonfire night and New Year’s Eve, firework events are always popular and are enjoyed by thousands, even millions, every year. The cost to put on these large scale events when compared to having your own display using fireworks for sale in the UK can be significant. Here we take a look at the costs involved.

Most Expensive Displays

As you can imagine, the cost of holding huge firework spectaculars can be astronomical. Countries across the world will spend big competing for bragging rights on New Year’s Eve, as well as many national holidays. One of the most expensive fireworks displays ever cost $20 million and was hosted in Abu Dhabi to celebrate the UAE’s National Day in 2009. For context, when you compare this to the annual cost of fireworks in Sydney, Australia, on New Year’s Eve, which is approximately $6.3 million, you can see that the Abu Dhabi celebration dwarfs this figure. The reason these types of displays are so expensive is due to the scale. Many of these firework displays go on for a long time, sometimes up to an hour, and use thousands of large professional fireworks in complex sequences.

Average Costs for Hiring a Display

Whilst costs in the millions are saved for special national events for the whole country to enjoy, the costs for public displays held by your local council are considerably less. Professional displays will still cost a few thousand depending on the length of the show, but can be as low as £700-£800 for a few minutes. The higher the budget for a firework display, the more complex and entertaining it can be with some displays lasting 15 – 30 minutes and costing up to £10,000. This is usually as every extra minute on top of the base amount of time is an additional cost, and by adding music and other elements for more entertainment, the costs continue to rise. If you’re looking to host a private display, you’ll want to compare costs and look for the best value for money before proceeding.

Why You Would Hire a Firework Display

Choosing to pay for a private display is not going to be suitable for every situation, for example, celebrating Bonfire Night at home with the family. Instead, if you are an event organiser, having this option is ideal as will be a package cost and can be customisable to the requirements you want. For example, if you are planning fireworks for a wedding, you’ll want to get the best deal in the same way hiring the right food and flower arrangements needs to be. You can usually choose different types of display ranging from traditional packages to quiet fireworks, especially useful if many pets or young children are around. You’ll need to work out long you want the display to last, what colours or themes you would need, and choose a package that meets this without going over budget.

As a spectacular way to enjoy any special event on the calendar, fireworks are always a go-to option. If you can’t make it to a public firework display or are planning an event, consider the costs first. If you have something world-class in mind, expect to pay a handsome sum.