5 Signs Your Roof Needs To Be Cleaned

Roofs have their idioms, lots of them. No one ever wants to live without a roof over their head, literally. In fact, shelter is one of life’s basic needs. This statement alone should be more than enough to underscore the importance of having a well-functioning roof. However, it’s not enough to have a house with a roof. It also needs to be in good condition.  

Despite this fact, it also can’t be denied how roofs aren’t given enough love and care like the one they truly deserve. For instance, homeowners generally spend much time ensuring their home’s interior is clean and presentable. But, how about the roof maintenance

With that, this article explores telltale signs that your home’s roof may desperately need a thorough cleaning.

 Visible Moss And Mold

Over time, moss and algae are going to grow on your roof. They may be tiny organisms, but they can spread and cover a large portion of your roof. They are also two of the most common culprits of roof damage. 

Suppose you notice that they’ve started to accumulate. In such a case, it is best to call professional roof cleaning services in Los Angeles; or power wash your roof on your own. When you give your roof that timely clean it needs, you can remove those harmful particles that can lead to even more damage.

So, consider checking your roof once in a while, so moss and mold won’t have a place to call home on your roof.   

 Black Streaks Are Taking Over  

Black streaks on the roof are also referred to as zebra stripes. These vertical stripes are caused by roof algae called Gloeocaspa Magma.   

First, black streaks start as an obvious aesthetic issue. Then, it moves forward as a functional problem, given how these can affect your roof’s quality. For example, if you have shingles, the black streaks can slowly damage and eat them up. You may have loose shingles, or worse, missing ones will now be replaced by an open gap that can lead to water leakage inside your home.  

 Roof Shingles Have Begun To Lift  

When you’ve been negligent about treating your roof, the roofing and the shingles may start to lift themselves. Like the other signs previously talked about, the lifting of your shingles can also be brought in by the buildup of lichen, moss, and algae.   


If you notice any of your shingles flapping, this could signify that you may have a fungus problem that you are unaware of. As such, it’s a must to eliminate those fungi as a precursor to repairing your roof. You may call for or enlist professionals for this task, as they know how to deal with such cases.  

 Dull Color  

Once grime builds up on your roof, you may notice that your roof will slowly lose its color. In fact, you don’t need to be an expert on roofs to be aware of this problem. The roof displaying a dull hue is a common sight across many homes.   

When you see that your roof’s color is becoming duller, it is likely a good candidate for roof cleaning. Doing so can restore it to its former glory, so your home’s exterior may look better and more aesthetically pleasing.  

 Visible Need To Clean  

Your roof does not necessarily need to be broken or covered up with moss and algae for you to have the impression that it needs cleaning. It can be as simple as that it looks visibly dirty.   

Say, for instance, whenever you’ve been pulling up your curb, you’re bothered by how dirty and dusty your roof looks. You can take that as a sign that it’s time for roof maintenance and clean it over the weekend. If it’s just dust, that could easily be something you can do on your own with a pressure washer.   

Along with this, try to think about when was the last time you cleaned your roof. If it has been more than a year, you may need to do so and not put off this task again until later.   

Wrapping Up

Perhaps, one of the common reasons why homeowners have to clean their roof is that doing so can make it look better. But, the aesthetic value of a clean roof isn’t the only pertinent point you have to consider, as you’ll also have to consider how it can affect the integrity of your home’s roof.

And as you have learned from the list above, there are many situations with your roof that’ll warrant a good cleaning, whether through your efforts or with professional cleaners. Go through your roof and see if any of those signs apply to yours. That said, don’t wait until it’s too late to listen to what your roof has been subtlety telling you.  

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