How to Properly Dispose of Large Household Items

Furniture, clothing, knick-knacks, and old electronics: your house is filled with things that you probably want to keep for one reason or another. They make your home look cozy and give character to its interior design. But at some point, you’ll need to get rid of them so you can start anew. And when the time comes, it’s important that you put the items out for good use rather than just recycling or throwing them away. Here are some steps to properly dispose of large household items.

Items you can donate

Things like furniture and decorations are often easy to donate since they are unbreakable. The Salvation Army and other organizations offer many options, including donation sites where you can drop off furniture, or even bulk options like carpeting and appliances. Other options include donation via the internet, over the phone, or inperson; if you choose this route, several franchises allow for donations over longer periods.  

Items to Take Apart

If you’re taking apart your old television or computer equipment for recycling, take all the pieces out of the box and lay everything out so you’ll have an easier time putting them back together.

Large appliance pickup Cumming

Large appliance pickup Cumming, If you’re ready to get rid of something large and unwieldy, like a mattress or an old refrigerator, you can call us to schedule a pickup. Alternately, Junkmanjon has an online system where you can schedule a pickup online, making it easier to get rid of items that won’t fit in your car. Many types of large appliances, such as microwave ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, and many others, are hard to move or dispose of responsibly. When disposed of in a landfill or the dump, many of them will contain components that can damage the environment, so it is important to handle them carefully.

Your large appliances will be collected and sorted, and whatever we can be recycled. There will be very little waste that ends up in a landfill or rots in the dump because dangerous materials will always be disposed of correctly. By disposing of large appliances with us, you’re doing your part to protect the environment.

To request a pickup, it’s easy to do. Just type in your zip code (30030) into the system, and you’ll be directed to a page that lets you put in your information and choose a date for your pickup. You can call us to speak with one of our customer service representatives if you have any questions or concerns about the process; we’re here to make sure that you are satisfied with our service.

Why Choose Junkman Jon for Large appliance pickup Cumming

It’s always a good idea to have someone you trust do cleanliness work for you, especially when you have something large and unwieldy. That’s where Junkman Jon comes in. We’ve been hauling junk and taking care of the hard tasks for many years now, so we know exactly how to handle difficult jobs like this one. Our team works hard to make sure that junk is disposed of responsibly, and that no waste goes into landfills. You can count on our drivers to get your appliances from point A to point B as safely as possible, and with as little damage as possible.

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