3 Questions to Ask Your Potential Stucco Contractor

If you’re wondering why to hire a stucco contractor, the answer is simple: home exterior upgrades are some of the best home improvement projects you can do.

Not only does a stucco installation make your home look sleek and welcoming, but this updated surface also makes the house more energy-efficient and will pay for itself — and then some — when it comes to your annual heating and cooling costs.

Want even more reasons to switch from traditional home siding to a stucco exterior? That’s what we’re here for.

Want tips on choosing your following stucco contractors? Learn what questions to ask when selecting the right team for your project.

1. Where Is the Contractor Located?

When choosing a potential stucco contractor, asking questions about their location is an important step to consider. Ask about the contractor’s location and whether they have established offices or a workshop.

Ask about the contractor’s local reputation; how long they have been operating there. Find out if the contractor employs local tradespeople and has a local stucco team available for your job.

Ask whether the contractor is insured for the services they are offering. Additionally, check whether the contractor can provide a written quote with estimated service costs.

2. Does the Contractor Provides a Warranty?

It is essential to ask your potential stucco company if they provide a warranty for their services. The contract should detail the contractor’s commitment to completing the job satisfactorily and to the specifications.

It may also include a clause for repairing defects noted within a specified period after the project is completed. Questions to ask include: Does the contractor provide a warranty, and what does it cover?

How long does the warranty last? What kind of repair coverage is included? A warranty benefits both the contractor and homeowner, as it ensures the job will be completed satisfactorily and can encourage the contractor to finish the job on time.

3. What Is the Timeline for the Project?

Timing is a key factor in any construction job, and stucco projects are no different. It’s essential to ask your potential stucco contractor what the timeline for the project is, as this will indicate not only when your project will begin and end but also how long it will take.

Be sure to inquire about any stages of the stucco project that may require extra time, such as pre-stucco preparatory work, the stucco installation itself, and finishing and clean up.

Ask them how long each stage will take and their plan for keeping the job on schedule. Knowing this information upfront can also help you plan for any other construction work that may coincide with the stucco project.

Finding the Best Stucco Contractor by Asking These Crucial Questions

Overall, make sure you don’t forget to ask your potential stucco contractor any questions you have so you can make sure they are the right fit for your project. Don’t be afraid to ask any follow-up questions as needed.

Lastly, ask for referrals from previous clients and take the time to do the research they deserve. Contact a stucco contractor today for the first step to getting your stucco project rolling!

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