What can a Level 2 Electrician do?

When it comes to electrical issues, you want to make sure that you get a fully qualified individual to solve the problem. If the matter is handled by an untrained person, they could get electrocuted, which sometimes leads to death. 

People must keep in mind that the majority of house fires are caused by electrical issues. There are lots of reasons why a fire might start in your home, such as:

  • Issues with the electric panel
  • Loose power switches
  • Bad wiring

That is why hiring an electrician from a reputable company like eicelectrical.com.au is necessary. Employing someone to fix or install the electricity in your home who has little experience and doesn’t hold the proper qualifications might put you and other members of your household in serious danger. Most electricians can install, fix and maintain an electrical system. When it comes to electricity, people should take the issue very seriously to avoid accidents. 

When should I Hire a Level 2 Electrician?

Electricians who hold a level 2 electrician license will have gone on to do extensive training. Not only can they fix and maintain electrical issues, but they are also qualified to do installations, like these level 2 electricians from Sydney

Whether you are installing, maintaining, or fixing electrical problems at home or in your business, a level 2 electrician is able to work on underground and overhead electrical services. Here is a few jobs level 2 electricians specialize in: 

  • Upgrade Power: A lot of folks are looking to upgrade their power, so they can contact a level 2 electrician for help. Level 2 electricians are qualified to change the current electricity supply in a household and in a business. If you want to change a single phase to a 3 phase, a level 2 electrician should have no issues helping you with your upgrade. These upgrades can prove extremely dangerous, so you must hire a person that has level 2 qualifications. These individuals will understand how to upgrade your current system, and they will make sure that they follow the strict rules and regulations that are put in place in different areas. 
  • Disconnect and reconnect: Level 2 electricians will have undergone training that allows them to safely disconnect a power supply. When an electricity distributor authorizes a disconnection of a power supply, they will contact a level 2 electrician to do the job.
  • Installing a new meter: Every house and building needs to have a meter to keep a record of the amount of power used in the building. Level 2 electricians are authorized to take on the task of installing these meters. 

Before Hiring an Electrician, What Questions Should I ask?

People should not underestimate the dangers of electricity, as accidents caused by poor wiring and dodgy electric panels can cause all sorts of serious issues. Although it might be a cheaper alternative to hire an inexperienced electrician, they might not hold the proper qualifications to take on the job and they might not be authorized to do it either. Before spending your hard earned money on an electrician, consider asking these questions first:

  1. Do they provide their clients with a lifetime warranty: Electricians who are confident with their service often provide their customers with a lifetime warranty. 
  2. Are they fully insured: If an electrician were to have an accident while working on your property you might find yourself in court. Before hiring anyone to work on your electrics, whether it’s in your home or in your business, consider asking them for their insurance policy first. 
  3. Are they government-accredited electricians? Do they have a level 2 ASP?
  4. Can you hire them any time of the day or night? There are a lot of emergency electricians out there that will work through the night. Because it is hard to tell when you are going to face a problem with your electricity, it is important you find out their working hours. However, you can expect to pay a lot more when you call out an electrician in the middle of the night. 
  5. Don’t forget to ask for a quote before the start of the job. In a lot of major cities, there are lots of different electricians. Many of these electricians carry the same qualifications, so it might be worth your while shopping around. 


Finding a qualified level 2 electrician is not hard, as many services advertise their company on different websites and social media platforms. However, before hiring an electrician, consider doing a small amount of research first. There are plenty of people who post reviews and comments about specific electricians online. If people have had a bad experience with certain services, they are bound to post a negative review online. Word of mouth is another great way of finding a good electrician, so consider asking your friends or family members for advice.