Do You Need A Commercial or Residential Electrician?

An electrician is someone who has been trained and qualified to work on all things electrical, including electrician coaching, appliances, and many types of structures. There is a lot of danger in working with power so it is important to only have people who know how to do it following the codes and regulations and staying safe while keeping others safe too. For residential, commercial and industrial electrical requirements, you can simply visit Electricians do more than emergency visits, some might have more experience and focus on working on residential properties like homes, and some provide commercial electrical services on commercial properties like offices and shops, for example. Here is a look at the two for when you have certain needs for an emergency electrical service.

Commercial Electrical Work

Commercial work can be any number of different jobs, working on the wiring in buildings, on ships, planes, in corporations, and more. Some choose to work in areas of management and some choose to specialize and some prefer to do more general work. They might install power lines, repair generators, maintain machinery. More and more electricians play an integral part in the workplace as well as the home. Through Bates Electric you can find an electrician near your house.

Residential Electrical Work

Most people when looking for an electrician Maryborough are doing so for their home and so need a residential electrician. Just as with any electrician you should look for training, a license, and experience. Again the jobs that a residential electrician will vary but include;

  • Repairing one or more outlets in a home
  • Rewiring in an old home that needs to be brought up to code
  • Installing different systems including security, SMART, air conditioning to name a few
  • Upgrading systems
  • Installing appliances
  • Changing the power infrastructure on a home so it better meets your needs
  • Making it possible to move where large appliances are places
  • Adding more light switches or power outlets
  • Help with installing a theatre room
  • Investigating electrical faults and problems and repairing them
  • Carrying out maintenance and checks on systems and boards
  • Being able to read blueprints on new homes and knowing where to install new wiring

Some residential electricians might work more in repairs and are better at troubleshooting and such. They can help with electronic equipment that is broken, outlets that are malfunctioning, and so on. Some might specialize more in emergency responses and work. Others might focus more on installations, putting in wiring, circuits, new fuses, outlets, and so on. Still other Fraser Coast electrical experts on doing check-ups and safety checks to make sure things are to code.


As well as knowing whether to look for commercial or residential electrician Maryborough you need to make sure you have one with experience with your particular needs. If you need air conditioning installed, an alarm system installed then ask if that is something they have done a lot of. Look for a license that is valid for where you need the work done and do a little research online to check out their reputation and trustworthiness. It helps to find a reliable electrician you can trust.

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