Want to Buy the Best Ceiling Fan Online? Keep These 4 Things in Mind

The New Year is here and you may be considering upgrading a few decor items in your living room, or other parts of your home, to accentuate your home decor. And if that is exactly what you have on your mind then we suggest that you start with replacing your old ceiling fan with a brand new designer ceiling fan and give a whole new look to your living room, or your bedroom. However, before you get going read this article to find out what are those few important things that you must keep in mind when looking for a ceiling fan online. Let’s get started. 

1. Choose a Fan that Goes with Your Home Decor

Ceiling fans are the focal point of any room or space, and therefore, it is very important that your ceiling fan and the other decor items in a room/space (where you want to install the fan) complement each other. And in case you are planning to redo the decor of the entire home/room then you can start with selecting a beautiful ceiling fan to set the design theme you want to go with (for that particular room/space) and then select other decor items accordingly. So let’s say if you want to give your room an eclectic touch then you can install the Rio Novo from Luminous India, a ceiling fan that’s inspired by the vibrant city, Rio. Or if you want to give your room a royal look then you can bring home the Jaipur Mahal, another thoughtfully designed fan from Luminous India.

2. Buy an energy-efficient fan

The energy crisis is for real. While India has made leaps and bounds in the power sector, still there are several parts of the country that do not receive ample power. As responsible citizens, we should ensure that the power-consuming devices that we buy should be energy-efficient. Another reason we need energy-efficient fans is that the energy prices are rising substantially, and as a result, people are receiving hefty electric bills from their energy providers. Replacing your old fan with an energy-efficient fan can help tackle all these issues. If you want to buy an energy-efficient fan then you must check out the wide range of energy-efficient fans from Luminous India. Some of the popular ones are the New York Chelsea BLDC and the Jaipur Tamra. 

3. Make sure the fan offers the latest smart-fan features

Smart Fans are the new buzzword in town. These latest smart fans are IoT enabled which allows them to be controlled from any part of the room. This means, now you don’t have to get up and walk up to the switchboard, each time you want to switch it on/off or to vary the speed. All you need to do is use your remote or other smart control options to control your fan the way you want. One such fan that has recently gained popularity among fan buyers is the Audie by Luminous India. This smart fan can be controlled by three different smart control options. The first option as you would know is the remote. The second option is Alexa, the popular voice control virtual assistant from Amazon.  The third option is to control your fan using an app that can be downloaded on your smartphone. 

4. Select a fan that gives a high air delivery.

Last but most important, you must choose a fan that keeps your home cool at all times. And so you should choose a fan with high air delivery. Usually, people buy a fan based on the fan speed or the sweep size. But one should rather compare the air delivery of different fans as it tells us about the actual volume of air displaced by the fan (per minute). Higher the air delivery, more the air it displaces, and therefore, better the cooling it provides. The unit of air delivery is CMM (Cubic Meters per Minute). When looking for a ceiling fan, you can go with any fan that offers an air delivery anywhere between 200 to 230 CMM. 

Last But Not Least

You may be wondering how come we didn’t talk about price as one of the factors you should consider when buying a ceiling fan. Well, the reason is we believe that one should rather focus on the value for money of a product they buy than just look at the price of the product. Another reason is that reputable brands like Luminous India offer high-quality ceiling fans at very reasonable rates, and therefore, price wouldn’t be a concern when you choose to buy a ceiling fan from them. Lastly, the kind of savings that their energy-efficient fans offer is far more than the price difference that you would come across on any fan that’s available on the market.