Types Of Simple Christian Decorations For Every Home

Who said that God’s word only belongs in the Bible or in Church? Some people might prefer to put up inspiring quotes on their walls, but what’s better than real words from the most inspiring and strength-granting book on Earth? On the good days and on the bad, it’s always encouraging to have God as part of your day and to have God’s words in a home that He is keeping. In the early days, the only celebrations of faith in people’s homes were crosses on walls. Nowadays, there are unlimited options, and here is what we know you’ll love.

Verse Frames

Is there a particular verse that means a lot to you? It could be the empowering message of Philippians 4:13 or the peace-inducing words of Jeremiah 29:11, perhaps even a situation from the Bible that you particularly relate to. One of the simplest ways to keep it a part of your daily life is writing it in a word document with the style and layout of your preference then printing it. Next, buy a wooden frame where you’ll place the print and hang it on the most visible part of your home. You may even be tempted to add a background design to it. If you like the idea, make sure you get a high-quality picture because a low-quality picture might look good on screen but on paper, and you won’t be able to tolerate it.

Wall-Hanging Cross

Sometimes you just need to go back to the basics. The cross was nothing but a simple wooden instrument of punishment until Jesus completely redefined its meaning. It’s a beautiful reminder of his undying love, the love we try to extend to others in our daily life. If you’ve got some experience in working with wood/metal, we recommend you try and make your own cross. There’s nothing like handmade expressions of love. If you don’t have that experience, it’s no problem. There is a huge variety of crosses made with different styles, materials, colors, and sizes to fit every taste. Some carpenters are skilled enough to replicate any design you show them, so even if your preferred design isn’t available, you can always get in touch with someone who can help.

Wall Art

Wall art is where powerful words meet good craftsmanship. Whether what you want are encouraging verses, the Golgotha scene, or just a few words that you and your family choose to live by, you can have it in the type of wall art that suits you. The wall art and decors that we saw on Christian Walls show that religious ornaments are made available in an all-inclusive variety of sizes: from pieces that occupy a small space above your couch to those that fill up the entire wall above your bed. They make the perfect housewarming gift and the message this gift sends is guaranteed to have a powerful and long-lasting impact on any household.

Custom Cups

Sometimes, what you need isn’t something on the walls but that in your hand when you wake up before you go to work and after you come back. If you’re someone who treasures their coffee-drinking experience or their drinking experience in general, customizing a cup is what you need. All you need is to pick the image or scripture you want to be printed then find someone who prints on cups. It’s as simple as a few clicks, too, although you don’t really have to be at the printing place if you don’t have the time.

Prayer Board

For the DIY fanatics out there, you’ll absolutely fall in love with this Prayer Board idea. You can create a Prayer Board to hang your prayers on using a wooden board, a glue gun, twine rope, and a few clips. There are various types of wood to pick from, it only depends on your preferences when it comes to appearances. Although, it might matter if you’re planning to install your board outdoors. Once you have your wooden board, cut several lengths of rope as long as the board’s width and glue them along the length of the board. Make sure you leave enough distance between the ropes so that when you clip on your prayers, they wouldn’t feel too cramped.

All great options, as you see, make for simple Christian decorations for every home. What’s left is deciding what you want on your wall. Keep in mind, anything can be customized to fit with your existing decor. Meaning, your choice of decoration won’t awkwardly stand out where you decide to put it, but it will blend in perfectly. The most important thing to remember is not to stake too much value on the material aspects of a decorative item, as it is all about the meanings.