Top Innovative Ideas To Upgrade Your Art And Wall Decor

Wall art can simply transform your house into a masterpiece if you have the right tools and you’re not afraid to experiment and go wild. There are countless ways to add some beautiful, simple touches to your walls and the result will feel like a house makeover. By using tropical wall art you can add a breathtaking touch to your walls. Come and join us on this creative journey of thinking outside of the box and coming up with the most innovative ideas to make the walls show the little artist in you. Here are some of the coolest, most creative ideas to upgrade your wall art.

Mixup Colors

Why use one color for your walls when you can try splashing colors in a stunning abstract way? This can be done in different ways based on your taste. One way can be to have a base color, like blue, off-white, red, or whatever color you prefer, and splash different matching colors in abstract shapes. Another idea is to create color gradients on your wall; choose some colors and let them magically fade into the next.

Use Creative Frames

Frames can come in various shapes, styles, and colors that match everyone’s tastes. One option can be to paint the frame with a vibrant color that creates a contrast with your wall. Another option is to customize your frames based on the size of your walls to fit and bring your walls to life. Many artists at suggest that having customized frames gives you the freedom to decorate your walls freely without worrying about whether the frame will fit or if you should try a different size. You can also choose between different frame materials like wood, canvas, metal, and many more.

Turn a Complete Wall into a Painting

If you are an artist, transform a whole wall into your best piece of art. If you are not, you can ask your artist friends to make a painting out of a whole wall. One of the best things about this idea is that you will have something aesthetic and personal in your home. Whether you’re the artist or it’s a friend, or even if you hire someone to translate the image you have in mind into a painting, it all feels deeply personal and beautiful.

Show Off the Paintings You Have

Whether you’re an artist, an art collector or you have some cool paintings that you bought, or even printed out, frame your collection and cover one of your walls with them. It’ll be like transforming one of your walls into an art gallery. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different frame designs and shapes, use as many colors as you like, and whatever type of art you prefer.

Use A Carpet on the Wall

Who said that carpets only go on the floor? Carpets have many aesthetic designs and can be even more fitting on a wall than on the floor. You can choose whatever size you like, whichever colors match your walls and furniture, and any fabric you think fits your home the most.

Create Art Out of Any Materials You Have

Most of us have some old stuff that we don’t use anymore for different reasons. For example, we may have necklaces we don’t wear anymore because they’re torn, stones from torn bracelets, yarn threads that we may not even remember where they came from. You can create picturesque wall decorations using these old, broken items you have. You can create garlands out of them, stick them on paper, frame them, and make a beautiful painting out of them. There are so many ways you can reuse old items and turn them into masterpieces.

Colorful Geometric Shapes

Not everyone’s an artist, and you may not have friends who are. Don’t let that stop you from expressing yourself and decorating your walls. What you can do is draw simple geometric shapes on paper, frame them, and voila! You got yourself brilliant wall decorations! Geometric shapes are easy to draw and can’t go wrong.

Make Collages 

Get a large frame and make collages out of your favorite pictures. You can make a collage out of children’s paintings. Those simple drawings children make can look absolutely stunning if they’re organized in the right way. Go crazy with collage designs. You may even make a collage out of plain colors without any painting. That’s how easy and gorgeous collages can be.

There isn’t one right way to upgrade your wall art, and the best thing is that the only judge of your decoration is you. You’re the one living in the house and you’re the only one who has a say in what goes with your house and what doesn’t. Try out your amazing ideas, and add a more personal, breathtaking touch to your walls.

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