Top 5 Examples of Home Automation Examples

With the affordability and ease of installation of home automation devices, the future is really now! You can now control your lights, heating and even your home water system without lifting a finger. These devices aren’t just for your own convenience either as you can be saving yourself energy and money as well.

So many appliances have a smart technology alternative that it can seem overwhelming. Many find it easier to introduce a couple of smart automated devices into their homes before taking the big leap into turning your home into a truly futuristic residence. We’ve put together a handy list of home automation examples for you to look into today.   

Smart Taps

Something as simple as turning on the tap in the kitchen couldn’t possibly get any easier, right? Well, you’d be surprised at how a smart tap can make life in the kitchen that much easier. Everyone’s had the situation of having their hands covered in food from cooking and needing to turn on the tap to wash it off. Trouble is you’ve just caked your shiny clean tap in all that mess. Save yourself the future clean-up by going hands-free with an automated tap. With one of these, you can simply use your voice and you’ll keep your hands clean as well as your shiny taps!

While you’re improving the quality of your drinking water, be sure to get yourself a smart tap to improve the quality of your kitchen life too.

Smart Thermostat

We promised some ways to save money and a smart thermostat is one of the best home automation examples that does just that. If you’re ever concerned that you left the heating on at home then many smart thermostats allow you to control your heating through an app on your phone. That way you can make sure the heating is off at home whenever you’re out and about and save yourself some spending while you’re at it. Even when you’re inside your home, a smart thermostat allows you to conveniently make the room hotter or colder without you needing to get out of your chair.

Added to that, some smart thermostat devices can learn your heating habits and automatically change the room temperature without your input. Check to see if you’re current heater allows you to implement a smart thermostat and you’re on your way to saving money and energy in no time.

Water Sensors

Even when you’re installing water softeners and water pipes and it all goes according to plan, a burst pipe can still creep up on you. It can put a real dampener on your day as well as your bank account. Installing a smart water sensor eases these troubles. This home automation device can detect a leak before it becomes a huge issue. You can connect it up to your phone and it’ll send you a notification whenever it catches anything.

With this handy service installed you can call yourself a plumber and get these kinds of issues sorted before it gets out of hand. Save yourself some hassle and get one installed asap. 

Washing Machines

Washing your clothes can be an annoying and time-consuming task (especially when you have a whole family’s worth of clothes you need to wash). A smart washing machine can take some of the workload off your shoulders. You can hook it up to your smart assistant and use your voice to start or stop a cycle whenever you need to. Plus certain models can even measure the amount of detergent you put into any cycle. This saves you from using too much detergent on smaller washes. A smart washing machine gives you just a few convenient features to introduce you to the world of automated appliances. This makes this device the perfect home automation example for beginners.

Smart Fridges

Out of every one of these home automation examples, a smart fridge is absolutely one of the most popular choices. The most common feature of any smart fridge is that it alerts you when the fridge door is left open. It’s an easy mistake to make but these smart appliances make sure you don’t waste any energy when it happens.

Some of the really high-end smart fridges have some really neat features. Certain models come equipped with a screen on the door which lets you know what food, milk and juice is left in the fridge. That way you don’t need to open the fridge at all to know what’s in there! On top of that, some smart fridges can connect to the internet and make home deliveries for the groceries you need. It’s these kinds of advantages that would make a smart fridge hard to live without.

Pros and Cons of Home Automation

While all the convenience and money savings sounds like an absolute dream, there are some small drawbacks to home automation devices. Some of the technology is brand new and as a result, might not be as refined as the models that are just around the corner. You might find yourself tackling technical issues from time to time. Plus, as you get more and more of them, it’s obviously going to get expensive over time. 

More often than not, the money you spend is made up for with all the savings these devices provide. You’re sure to have a responsive support team at your beck and call whenever some technical problem crops up. Investing in some of these home automation examples is an easy way to make your home life more convenient, comfortable and financially stable.

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