The decision to renovate your home isn’t one to be taken lightly. As much of an exciting time as it is, there are a lot of steps to consider, choices to make, and tradespeople to deal with. But where do you start? 

A lot of people will attempt to do as much of the renovation as they can themselves to eliminate the middleman and try to minimise costs, but for some aspects of your renovation, a professional tradesperson is optimal. There is a lot you can do yourselves, especially in the demolition phase such as ripping tiles up yourself, scraping off wallpaper and pulling up old carpet. But there is also a lot of things you shouldn’t do yourself, like connecting water pipes to new sinks, showers and toilet systems, and wiring up all the electricals. For these jobs you will need to hire professional plumbers, experienced electricians, and a company specialising with leak detection in Melbourne.

Overall, you want the renovation process to be as simple and well-planned as possible to avoid running into costly problems along the way. Let’s discuss some tips and tricks that can aid in your renovation and could even lower your expenditure in certain areas. 

Budget and Research

The first thing to do is establish a firm budget. There’s no point planning an extravagant renovation if you don’t have the funds, so work out your budget and try to stick to it. Talk to your bank about possible loans for the job and start saving every dollar you can. The more you have saved up, the less you will need from the bank which will lower your future repayments. 

Research is your new best friend before your home renovation, and I encourage you to do it well. By comparing prices and companies for every detail of your build could save you hundreds, if not thousands in the long run. It is worth doing your homework on the material costs on the trade companies you are going to hire. 

Check out the experience, reviews and portfolios of the people you will be working with and don’t settle on one just because they are cheaper. Down the track you might find out the hard way why it was such a bargain, when things begin to fall apart.

Leak Detection Services

It is strongly recommended that before any construction takes place, and before the flooring is even laid, that you hire a leak detection company to do an overall assessment of your house and property. A qualified leak plumber will be able to look at your entire water and gas systems and find any faulty or leaking pipes that may be hidden from site. 


Using equipment such as thermal imaging cameras, a leak detector will be able to see water leaking behind your walls or under your floors so that they can be repaired before the renovation begins. There is nothing worse than finishing your bathroom only to discover months later that there is a cracked pipe under your newly laid tiles.

Get Approval

To be on the safe side, contact and confer with your local council about possible extensions, outdoor builds such as sheds and verandas, and any external colour schemes. Keep in mind that some councils have colour restrictions for their particular areas, so you may not be able to paint the outside of your house pink and purple. They also have strict building and site restrictions making it important to seek council approval on all of your plans, before your renovation begins.

Start With the Biggest Jobs

Beginning your renovations with the biggest jobs is advisable. Areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and living areas are the most complicated with amenities, appliances, plumbing and electrical issues to deal with. Once the electrics and plumbing systems are hooked up you can begin other tasks such as your floors, walls and cabinetry. Only use qualified tradespeople with experience in renovations and ensure you can all communicate in a professional and friendly manner. 

If you want your renovation to look fantastic and last for years, the best thing to do is hire professionals to do the job for you. Unless you are experienced in home renovations then it is imperative to hire the right tradespeople for the job. Also look at your chosen materials and their lifespan to make sure things won’t need fixing or replacing down the track. Look for environmentally friendly options where possible, and purchase materials from safe and renewable sources. 


Before you begin the renovation of your dreams, consider that all bases must be covered. Research, planning, and comparing home builder companies like Yorcon Constructions can help keep your budget in control and give you peace of mind. Plan your build down to the tiniest details ensuring no aspect is missed, and all potential problems are addressed. Most of all get creative and try to have fun with it.