How to adjust Horton automatic door operator

Horton Automatics is a leading manufacturer of sliding doors for automatic doors in the United States. Automatic doors are used almost every day by us, but we recognize their presence when they give rise to problems. It is when a commercial entrance breaks down in your business. Traffic can stop completely, especially if it’s the automatic entrance to the building. These situations are expensive and can lead to significant inconvenience. If this happens, you must quickly resolve the issue.

This article will help you learn how to adjust Horton automatic door operators.

Adjust Horton automatic door

Doors remain stuck in one position.

The power switch should be turned off. Check the door panels for any looseness. You may need to remove the header cover. Carefully remove the header cap. As it is not hinged, the cover will fall off once the screws have been removed. The top of each moving panel is visible. Small steel rollers will ride along this track. Check that each roller rides on the top track correctly. To loosen the bolt on the door panel, pull the roller off the track. Once the roller returns to its track, tighten the bolt.

Doors Move then Suddenly Stop

Turn on the power for the automatic sliding doors. The automatic sliding doors will open and then stop. If the door doesn’t open fully, turn off the power. Slide the doors open manually and close them. Check for any obstructions. If the automatic sliding door jams when you push it manually, it could be a broken top roller, broken bottom guide, or other issues.

When the power is on, the automatic doors do not move at all

Each door panel should be carefully inspected. Although the door panels might appear to be in place, further inspection may reveal that they have been slightly swung. Every day, pedestrians carrying shopping bags or shopping carts hit door panels. The door can snap if it is hit too hard. Turn off the power system to check if the door is properly installed or not. Next, manually lift each door panel out and snap them in place. 

Doors will not close but remain open

Sensors are standard on all automatic sliding doors. Most automatic doors have a light display. The sensor covers will light up when the trigger is applied. Look down from the sensor’s path to check if it is lit. Next, check that the outside sensor’s led isn’t lit up. If the LED light display on the sensor is lit up, it means that the sensor has been activated and the door is open. Check the path of the sensor to see if there are any obstructions, such as shopping carts.

It is important to ensure that no pedestrians pass through the entranceway while the sensor is learning. This can impact the sensor’s ability to learn. 

Inspect the Doors and Header

You have to inspect to check the door header and door panels. Any unusual or out-of-place items should be investigated. Maybe the timing belt may have snapped. You might also see a loose cable sticking out of the header. You will often see bits of the damaged component when you inspect the visually,


The above tips will help you on how to adjust Horton automatic operator. If it’s a minor issue you can fix it by yourself or else you can seek professional help as they have the right skills to provide the best service and also it will save your time and money.