The Ultimate Commercial Roof Maintenance Checklist

Do you own commercial property? If you do, you’ll know that having a proper maintenance schedule is a priority. The roof can often be overlooked since it’s out of sight, but this type of attitude can cost you a lot of money in repairs. 

Luckily, we have created a commercial roof maintenance checklist to help you stay successful. Keep reading to learn more. 

Interior Roof Problems

During your normal interior maintenance routine, you should inspect the ceiling and walls for any sign or water damage. You should look for any mold or mildew, water stains on the ceiling, or peeling paint.

If you see any of these signs you should then inspect the area between the ceiling and the roof for where the water might be entering. Keep in mind that the water can enter sideways into your building, so the water might not necessarily come from above. 

If your roof coating is in need of repair, you should contact Commercial Roof Coatings LLC for further assistance. 

Inspect for Debris

Every few months you should check the roof for any dirt or debris that is collecting on the roof. This is especially important if the building has a flat roof. The dirt and debris can build up which will lead to clogged drains or premature decay of the roofing materials. 

If you have trees near the property, you should look for fallen limbs and branches, especially after a big storm. The limbs can damage the membrane of the roof which can lead to leaks. Schedule to have the trees trimmed regularly to keep them from causing damage. 

Check the Surface Area

Twice a year you should do commercial roof maintenance by checking the surface area of the roof and inspect it for low areas. On flat roofs, these areas can hold water and put a strain on the roofing materials. Eventually, the materials will give way and will lead to leaking. 

You should check the expansion joints for any weathering such as gaps and tears and replace them if needed. Flashing, control joints, and roof edges can also become weathered and may pull away from the roof which will leave a gap. The gaps might lead to a leak or can cause damage to the roof membrane

Review Exterior Structures

Does the building have any exterior structures, such as chimneys, skylights, or vents? If so, you should inspect them during your commercial roofing maintenance routine to make sure they are still sound. Check for any rust, peeling paint, or crumbling of materials. 

You should also make sure there are no missing parts that need to be replaced. 

Use This Commercial Roof Maintenance Checklist Today

These are some of the most important things you should include on your commercial roof maintenance checklist. It is important to inspect the interior ceiling for any signs of leaks such as peeling paint or staining. This will be a sign that there is some damage to the roof. 

A few times a year you should head up to the exterior of the roof and inspect it for any standing water, damage to the roof membrane, or exterior structures. 

For more commercial property information be sure to visit our website daily.

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