The Seriousness of Foundation Crack Repair (6 Facts to Know)

Foundation crack repair is something that some homeowners might have to experience. There are a lot of things to know about foundation crack repair. Homeowners might wonder what causes foundation cracks, can a home collapse from foundation cracks, or maybe what will happen if you don’t fix a foundation crack. We are going to go over 6 facts to know about foundation crack repair. 

These facts will help homeowners understand more what to be concerned about and what the action plan is when you find a foundation crack. If you require further information about foundation crack repair, visit our website at

1. What Causes Foundation Cracks?

The first thing that we need to go over is what causes foundation cracks. Now, there are many different reasons why you might be experiencing cracks in your foundation. Not all of these reasons are a cause for concern, but there is no sure way to tell until a foundation repair company comes to inspect your foundation to determine the cause of your foundation crack. Sometimes these cracks are natural and are caused by the natural settling of the home. These cracks don’t go deep and they usually are less than ⅛ inch wide. Here are a few things that can cause foundation cracks. There are more causes than just these listed below, but these are the most common. 

Foundation Settlement – This is the most common reason for foundation cracks. Homes and foundations naturally settle, but if it is too much of a shock for the foundation then it can cause cracks. 

Weather- The weather can also put a lot of pressure on your foundation. Earthquakes and storms with high winds can cause your foundation to move or become unstable in some areas which can cause cracking. 

Frost/Ice- If you live somewhere where ice and snow are quite common then this can cause your foundation soils to expand and move which moves the foundation too. This causes cracks especially if the soil is upheaved. 

Expansive Soils- Sometimes the foundation is built on soils that tend to soak up water. If this is the case then this means that the soils will expand and either push up on the foundation which can cause deformities and cracks. 

2. How Serious Is A Cracked Foundation?

Foundation cracks should always be taken seriously because they can lead to worse foundation problems if left unrepaired. There are many different types of foundation cracks that can occur and some of these are more dangerous than others. For example, vertical cracks aren’t considered as serious as horizontal cracks. Let’s look at the three most common types of foundation cracks and how serious they are. 

Horizontal cracks- Horizontal cracks are one of the most dangerous types of crack. You should keep an eye out for horizontal cracks and call a foundation repair company as soon as you see them. These cracks are most commonly found in brick structures. 

Vertical cracks- Vertical cracks are usually the most common and less serious type of crack. These cracks are usually a sign of the foundation settling which is a natural occurrence. 

Diagonal cracks- A diagonal crack in between 30 and 75 degrees. These cracks are typically caused by the foundation settling at different times in different places. Diagonal cracks are quite serious and show that your foundation is unstable in that area. 

Remember that even if you have any one of these cracks you should call a foundation crack repair company as soon as possible. They will help to inspect your foundation, assess damages, and come up with an action plan for repair. These cracks should not be taken lightly because they could result in worse foundation problems. 

3. What Happens If You Don’t Fix A Foundation Crack?

There are a lot of different problems that can arise if you don’t fix your foundation cracks. These cracks will get worse if they are not fixed. This means that your foundation has the possibility of collapsing or sinking more. This can cause injury to those living in the home and it will cost much more time and money to repair. You may also experience rodents and pests. Bad cracks will be the perfect entryway for pests and rodents looking for a place to stay. Mold, mildew, and water damage can also occur if you don’t fix your foundation cracks. If there is any water being let in then the damage will continue to get worse as the crack is not repaired. This will cause mold, mildew, and any other problems that come from water damage. Foundation cracks will get worse if left unrepaired so it’s important to act fast when you notice any type of foundation problems. 

4. Can A House Collapse From Cracks?

The short answer to this is yes a house can collapse from cracks. Of course, having one crack won’t necessarily mean that your house will collapse, but a crack does show that the foundation is not stable. An unstable foundation can easily collapse if more damage happens to it. If there are multiple cracks or cracks and other foundation problems then there is more of a chance for your home to collapse. Cracks of all kinds should be taken seriously though because they do have a chance of causing worse foundation problems including a collapsed foundation. 

5. Should I Be Concerned About Crack In Foundation?

As a homeowner, you should be concerned about foundation cracks, but they should not cause panic. A crack in your foundation does not mean that your home will collapse but it does mean that your foundation is not stable and that other problems can occur. The first thing you should do when you notice a foundation crack is to call a foundation crack repair company. They will assess the damages and come up with an action plan for repair. 

6. How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Cracking Foundation?

The average cost for a foundation crack repair is $4,000. However, major repairs can cost about $10,000 and lower scale repairs can cost as little as $500. The price for foundation crack repair varies based on many factors. These factors include what type of damage there is, how bad the damage is, what type of soil is under the foundation, and many other factors like location and company. A foundation crack repair company can give you an estimate on how much it would be to repair your foundation cracks. 

The Bottom Line

Foundation crack repair is serious and should be taken care of as soon as possible. This is because leaving a foundation crack of any type can cause much more damage. Leaving foundation cracks to worsen can cost you more money and time in the end. It’s always best to get a foundation crack repaired as soon as possible and also get your foundation inspected for other damages. A foundation repair company will assess damages and give you an action plan based on your foundation damages.