The Benefits of Swimming Pool Covers in Winter

A swimming pool is a joy in summer. But as the temperature dips and you spend more time indoors, it’s easy to forget about pool maintenance. But you don’t need to hire a professional to keep your aquatic paradise in great shape. A high-quality winter cover can be an easy and effective solution – and even extend the life of your pool.

Recent innovations have made pool covers more effective than ever, and there are designs to suit every tase, need, and budget. But aside from keeping your pool clean, you can renovate your home to create a resort style patio. Here are just a few reasons to cover your pool during winter to create the right environment: 

  • Reduce the risk of drowning
  • Minimize evaporation and water consumption
  • Minimize chemicals 
  • Reduce the amount of vacuuming 
  • Maintain water temperature at night

Choosing the Right Pool Cover

Okay, so you’ve decided that you want to protect your pool in winter. Let’s take a look at the types of covers and what they have to offer. 

Winter Pool Covers 

As the name suggests, these covers protect your pool from fallen leaves and extreme temperatures during winter. They are fairly light and secured with water bags or weights. You need to take precautions when you use these covers because they are not strong enough to support the weight of children or pets. They are inexpensive and easy to install, which is why they are so popular with pool owners but they may not be suitable for young families who want to enjoy the backyard all year. 

Automated and Hidden Pool Covers  

These are considered the Rolls Royce of pool covers. No more scrambling for plastic covers during a storm. With the push of button, you can close the pool quickly and effortlessly so these will serve you well in all seasons.  An automated cover is also sturdier and can support the weight of a child, pet, or heavy object. Another advantage is that it’s made from heavy vinyl, which can keep the heat in your pool and prevent evaporation. As you might expect, an automated cover requires a track, which means that you need to get it professionally installed. Many consider this to be a worthwhile investment.

If you don’t like the appearance of a retracted pool cover, a hidden pool cover might be more your style. This can be automatic, semi-automatic, or manual. The cover can be tucked away in a stand-alone structure or a cantilevered area of the pool, making it unobtrusive. Recess pool covers can be on the higher end of your budget, depending on whether you buy one that’s automated or manual, but they are worth considering if you want your pool to look aesthetically appealing.

Safety Pool Covers 

Designed to prevent accidental drownings, safety covers come with a safety approval rating. Made from mesh and solid vinyl, they are securely anchored to the deck and provide the highest level of protection. Most safety covers on the market are approved by the safety ASTM F134691 regulations. If you’re interested in this kind of cover, be sure to check the specifications to find the best option to suit your needs. 

Select the Perfect Pool Cover

You can’t underestimate the importance of a high-quality pool cover – particularly over the winter months. It can help you protect the shell of your pool, reduce energy bills, and cut your maintenance costs. We also recommend cleaning any outdoor furniture, outdoor beanbags or cushions prior to putting them into storage for the winter months. We believe that pool covers are an investment into your future. Find a solution that will keep your pool safe and clean until you’re ready to dive in again when the weather warms up. For now, why not consider revamping your home by adding an above ground pool deck? That way you can enjoy your outdoor space all year.