How to Choose the Safest Bunk Bed for Kids and Toddlers

The bunk beds for kids are available in various designs. Some bunk beds come with a slide to add some fun to your child’s routine, while other bunk beds come with curtains that convert the bunk bed into a play tent for kids. However, the most important task is to choose a safe bunk bed for kids that is comfortable and durable.

All bunk beds look similar but the quality of material and the finish given by its crafters make the difference. You should know the ideal age for bunk beds to select right bunk bed for your children. It can be a wooden bunk bed with stairs or a metal bunk bed with ladder, just make it is made by a reliable brand and the bunk bed is sturdy enough to withstand years of use by your children.

How to Choose the Safest Bunk Bed for Kids and Toddlers

The kids bunk beds are made by DHP, Harper & Bright Designs, Walker Edison, Merax, Giantex, Donco Kids, Dorel Living and many other brands. For two children, can choose a twin over twin bunk bed, while you should pick a twin over full bunk bed for three children. You can select the best bunk bed for kids then you should follow our buying guide that we are going to describe below.

  1. Your Room Size
  2. Bunk Bed Size
  3. Ideal Age for Bunk Beds
  4. Bunk Bed Brand
  5. Material Type & Quality
  6. Bunk Bed Color
  7. Weight Capacity
  8. Bunk Bed Cost
  9. Warranty Details

Now, we will explain each point in detail to help you understand the things to consider for buying a safe bunk bed for kids and toddlers.

#1. Your Room Size:

Before you start looking for a safe bunk bed for toddlers in market, you need to measure your room size where you are willing to keep the bunk bed. It is important  because you should buy a bunk bed that can fit properly in your room otherwise you or your kids won’t be able to use it comfortably.

#2. Bunk Bed Size:

On the basis of your room size and ceiling height, you need to select a suitable bunk bed. In addition, you should also keep your need in mind, for example: If you need a bunk bed for two children then a twin over twin bunk bed is suitable for you. In case you need a bunk bed for three children then choose a triple twin bunk bed or twin over full bunk bed or full over full bunk bed to fulfill your need.

#3. Ideal Age for Bunk Beds:

You must note that the ideal age for bunk beds is 6 years as a minimum criterion. So, your child must be at least 6 year old to use the upper bunk of a bunk bed. However, there is no age limit for using the lower bunk but it is recommended to allow a child under 6 years to use the lower bunk only under an adult’s supervision. A low profile bunk bed can offer added safety for toddlers and young kids when they are using the lower bed.

#4. Bunk Bed Brand:

The bunk bed brand is important as a reputed brand always makes high quality bunk beds for adults and kids. Therefore you should check the bunk bed brand at the time of purchase.

#5. Material Type & Quality:

You should check if it is a wooden bunk bed or metal bunk bed. In addition, you should verify that the bunk bed material is sturdy enough to withstand years of use and humidity as well. Don’t invest in a cheap quality bunk bed that can put your kids into a risk when using it.

#6. Bunk Bed Color:

The bunk bed brands make high quality bunk beds in white, blue, grey, black, pink, espresso, cappuccino and many more colors. We recommend you to buy pink bunk beds for girls and young kids as they love the pink color. You can go with grey bunk beds or espresso bunk beds to match with your room interior. You can also choose white bunk beds if your kids love the white color.

#7. Weight Capacity:

The weight capacity is one of the most important features to check when buying a new bunk bed. It is simple, you can check the weight limit per bunk in product description of any bunk bed. Just make sure that the bunk bed offers at least 40 to 50 lbs more weight limit than your child’s current weight. For example: If your child is 100 lbs then you should choose a bunk bed with the maximum weight limit of 150 lbs per bunk or higher weight limit.

#8. Bunk Bed Cost:

Most bunk beds are available in budget but some are quite expensive. So, you can go for a luxurious bunk bed if you don’t have a budget issue otherwise choose a safe bunk bed with high quality material and higher weight limit still fits in your budget.

#9. Warranty Details:

Most bunk bed brands provide one year limited warranty on their bunk beds. The warranty assures that you can get free repairs and/or replacement if any manufacturing defect found in your bunk bed within one year of purchase.

Final Verdict:

In this way, you can select the safest bunk bed for kids and toddlers so that they can use it comfortably for years. We have explained all important points that you should consider to choose a bunk bed that is worth your investment. We hope that our buying guide has brought clarity to make your bunk bed select process easier.

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