Carpets In The Style of The Western United States

If you are looking for a new rug or carpet for a space in your home or at work, then consider getting a carpet inspired by the Western United States. They are increasingly popular and provide a great way to pay respect and homage to American history whilst bringing style and comfort to your home.

In this article, we explain the different styles of Western rugs and what you should consider when purchasing a Western-style rug.

Why Are Western Rugs So Popular

Western-style rugs, or southwest rugs, have become increasingly popular in recent years for many reasons. A lot of people are drawn to them because of the bold and vibrant colors that they often encapsulate, which can add a unique talking point to a room. 

But in addition to the style, a lot of people are also drawn to the materials used to create a Western-style rug. There are a variety of materials used (including wool) and this makes them popular with people who are considerate of eco-friendly products and also makes them durable and healthy to have in your home or workplace.

Different Types of Western Rug

Many people are aware of carpets in the style of the Western United States, but a lot of people are not aware of the different types that are available. 

From the traditional carpet style designs to more modern and abstract patterns, you will be sure to find a Western rug that suits your taste and fits in with your home decor.

Animal prints

Animal print rugs are rugs with a picture of an animal included in the design. In some cases, the entire rug is dedicated to the silhouette and depiction of the animal, and in other cases, there is a broader landscape design with an animal included. Some animals occasionally included on southwestern rugs include wolves, eagles, and bears.

Floral Motifs

A floral motif rug is a rug that includes a floral design. Similar to the animal rugs, it could be a single flower that is depicted across the majority of the rug, or it could be more of a landscape-based design that includes flowers.


Some Western rugs include a line-based shape design it is not uncommon to see a rug that has multiple lines going across from one side of the rug to the other and then different designs and patterns in between each line.

Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes are another style often found on Western and southwestern rugs. Common shapes included in the designs include circles, diamonds, triangles, and squares, and these are arranged in geometric shapes and sequences to create stunning visual effects.


Arrowheads have a strong connotation with indigenous American life. Given they were and continue to be such a significant part of their existence arrowheads are included in Western-style rugs in various patterns and story-based scenes woven into the design.

Kachina Dolls

Kachina dolls are Native American dolls that are synonymous with Native American history. These dolls are also illustrated in Western rugs, given they are such an iconic representation of Indigenous American life.

What To Consider When Purchasing a Western-Style Rug For Your Home

There are a few things you should consider when choosing a Western-style rug for your home. Some of these issues are the same as the things you would typically consider when choosing any rug, and some of them are unique to the experience of choosing a Western-style rug for your home.


The size of the rug you want to buy is important, as it cannot be bigger than the space you are trying to fill. It also needs to be small enough that you can neatly see the entire shape of the rug so that it stands out and becomes a feature of the space that it is in.


The different American rug styles that are available have been discussed earlier in this article, and from that list, it’s important to choose the type of design that is most appealing to you, and that’s going to fit best with the role you intend that rug to play in that space. 

If he wanted to blend into the background and just be appreciated for the ambiance that it contributes, then a shape or lined rug may be better for you. Whereas if you want a talking point and something with a bit more personality then you may want to go for an animal print or Kachina Doll style print.


Western-style rugs come in a variety of different materials, so do your research on those different types and choose the type of material that you wish your rug to be made from. 

Consider things such as the eco-friendly nature of the material, how durable it is, and how it would be cleaned.

Are They Suitable For a Workplace?

Yes, Western-style rugs are very suitable for workplaces, especially workplaces with a social connection, or social purpose. They are a great way to show both respect and support to the indigenous people of America.

Final Thoughts

Western-style rugs come in many shapes and sizes. Whether you go for a geometric shape or an animal print or a flower motif, there are many western styles to choose from and you will no doubt better find one that suits both your taste and your budget.

Always keep in mind the room that you are buying the rug for and think about how the colors will match and the space that you have to work with and choose a rug that will satisfy your unique requirements.